Saturday 13 May 2023

French command Napoleonic 33

 I've finally finished a French command base that were used in the game at Christmas .

I say  a, I suppose I  should say the, Napoleon, Mameluke and a chasseurs a cheval of the Guard. Napoleon and Mameluke are Perry as is the Chasseur but his horse is Foundry, I swapped out the chap who originally sat on it so that he could be the trumpeter with his regiment, I think his replacement works well. 

Pretty happy with this lot, mostly painted in the wee small hours of a December night/morning to get to a basic standard but I've finished them off now so here we have the Emperor or the Corsican ogre, take your pick!

Lit up by a nice French light I got when I was over there.

Next up ? Probably something Napoleonic but I'm going to need some of those 17th century guns soon so I should get my finger out and move at least some of those along but don't hold your breath!

All the best 


Monday 1 May 2023

Pike and shot battle and artillery progress War of three Kingdoms 21

 After Salute , I sorted out a War of three Kingdoms/ ECW game of Pike and Shot back at my shed, Des and my nieces husband Dan played the game, we dug out One hour wargames for a scenario and they picked one of the scenarios I'd already played! Neither of them had played it and it was good to host and get this collection of figures on the table again. Des was defending the town with the bridge while Dan was at the ford, that  Des was unaware of to start and had to keep his troops 12" or less near the town, Des had Covenanters while Dan had Royalists. It was the scenario with whoever was in control of the hill at the end of turn eight would be the winner. 

Dan managed to move some of his troops across the ford but Des was quicker to occupy the strategic hill, there was a lot of movement and assault and it went down to the last turn but Des managed to hang on and win, rounded off a good day!

You can still see the Salute stamp on Des's hand! He had lots of ridiculous luck which he put down to the tray he'd purchased that day

I'm still working away on my contemporary artillery and although I don't usually do work in progress I thought I'd tag my artillery on before priming, pretty happy just have to drill out a couple of barrels but definitely getting there, not bad for second hand, novelty items, pound shop purchases and key rings!

Des gave me the gabbions as he didn't need them anymore, I thought they might be useful to signify heavy artillery in siege games but otherwise I will just use them as normal.

Next up ? I might finish off some more Napoleonics unless these and their crews crash the painting queue!

All the best