Tuesday 28 November 2023

French limber teams Napoleonic 45

 Here are four limber teams, all four horses and drivers are 3d printed from etsy as are three of the limbers, the other one is a warbases mdf one . I've got three more mdf limbers and five more teams, the spare two teams can float and one can be added to signify horse artillery as Mark does on his Chasseur blog which I thought was sensible, there is minimal clean up , which is good as I find it difficult to see details in their raw state, compatible with Perry in figure size and nicely detailed, the gun that comes with the three team/six horse and limber has some issues the body being closer in size to 25mm and the wheels being a bit overlarge, the three gun barrel options are very nice though and at £13  including delivery the gun is a bit of a bonus really!

These also come with traces,ropes and bar's that  I don't think you get with the  Perry set and these work really well. There isn't much sticking out so that in spite if being 3d prints they seem pretty robust, they've already been in a few AARs and I'm happy enough with them in spite of rushing them through the queue! Working on scratch building some Austrian limbers, they might take a while, ultimately I will buy some Perry Austrian limbers when I'm a bit more flush and also some more of the 3d printed French, they do lot's of nice wagons and a forge but I've got plenty to paint in the meantime!

I saw a reference on a blog with the red lentil and then turned around and saw the spine of my Funken Napoleonic book and decided to change them, I think it was worth it!

All the best


Thursday 23 November 2023

Bolt action modular factory terrain 23

 To go with the scatter terrain I posted recently I have finished the factory walls to go around it. As it's for 28mm skirmish warfare I decided against doing one large building as it would have to dwarf the recent large building I made and I just don't think I could store it!

I had a pair of balsa wood windows I'd made at college, long , long ago all lapjointed so that they were flat, there were a number of hours work in each one so I  had held onto them for I guess sentimental reasons but now I  could finally use both them and a foamboard doorway I still had, both to 1/25 scale but for industrial use I figured that could work. I went for six window pieces in varying states of disrepair and chopped my pair of windows up and spread them around . I then stuck some plastic sheet on the face, I'd ended up with a whole pack of this sheet, lots of sheets, so I figured I should use them , even though they're not really the industrial brick finish I wanted but a rather more rustic version with bit's of stones in , I thought they'd do! On the inside I added a thin skim of ready mixed filler and gave it a light sand with some old 120 grit scratch. Based as normal, pva, sharp sand, cat litter, oh and some offcuts of foamboard, spray primed black, because of the plastic sheet and then painted in emulsions various, I did a thinned down wash of white on the brick sheet side to represent the lime plaster that would have made sense for the period, then slapped a couple of coats on of terracotta/ brown shades, all good. 

It's a bit theatrical with flattage but I'm happy enough, I can adjust the shape and even do a ruined train shed set up, of course now I'll have to build dome trains...!
All the best 

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Chasseurs a pied first battalion Imperial Guard Napoleonic 44

 Next unit of old guard infantry, unknown second hand metal figures from Ian Hind, with a colour guard from the same make as the grenadiers and a Victrix plastic ensign promoted from the line! Nice figures, even if they are all in the same pose and in trousers  not breeches. 

The second battalion is well on it's way to completion, I've since found these chaps on Foundry's casting room site, they're bigger than my other Foundry  Napoleonic figures I think I've made a bit of a mistake with them but that will become apparent when you see them! 

All the best