Tuesday 22 May 2018

Venetian command Italian wars 20

Here is another Italian wars post, it's a pair of Perry figures a metal late mediaeval mounted commander based on Paolo Uccello's painting of the battle of San Romano in 1432,so not strictly kosher for the late 15th,early 16th but it's a lovely figure so I'm using him! The flag bearer is a plastic figure from the mercenaries set,a great kit,my favourite set to be honest and the flag is a blown up copy from the Perry box to bring it more into keeping with my other flags.

Well there we go, small post but they can't all have 108 figures in them and I'm pretty happy with them,I'm bashing together warlord landsknechts and perry mercenaries to give me a nice mixed pike block and I have some foundry and artizan landsknechts undercoated, even if I should be doing mounted crossbow men and jinets!
All the best

Sunday 13 May 2018

A mix of gendarmes Italian wars 19

Here we have a unit of gendarmes that was started during the previous analogue challenge and have sat forlorn half finished for over a year. Well I've finally finished them!
 They're a right dog's dinner of a unit, two old glory, two Essex, a plastic Perry and three unknown eBay purchases.

I think they've turned out alright in the end and I'm happy to add them to the other five units of gendarmes I have . I'm prepping up four more units ,three Perry plastic and a steel fist I treated myself to at salute.
In the pipeline is some Italian wars command and another artillery piece or two and more landsknechts.
 I could still do with doing some mounted crossbow men and genitors/stradiots, I just keep going back to landsknechts, gendarmes and artillery pieces!
All the best Iain