Tuesday 23 May 2017

Great Italian wars 8, pike and crossbow

So I've finally finished three pike blocks that I will use as French,Swiss, Italian maybe even Scottish for Flodden, might be pushing it a bit but close enough in my book! There are also  some more crossbow men for the French. Actually looking at them I think they would be pretty good for Marignano as far as the  style is concerned, a little old fashioned but close enough.
The figures are all Perry plastics mercenaries/bills and bows  boxes with a smattering of metal Perry Swiss and 16th century heads , they are my favourite plastic figures by some way. They all will need flags of one kind or another too.

Next? Maybe the Spanish? Or some napoleonic French or a baggage train? 
All the best Iain 

Saturday 13 May 2017

Curtgeld Italian wars 7

Having taken part in the Analogue painting challenge this winter part of the deal is to supply a painted figure, in the past there have been themes such as western etc, this time the theme was cooperation between at least two painters.
As I seemed to be mostly painting great Italian wars and knowing Curt's interest in the period I thought that would be the best period to work in, so I cast around for some figures and a reason why I would have them together. I backed a recent steel fist kickstarter,(my one and only so far! ) and I had a nice Foundry figure which together I thought might make a nice vignette of Francis the first of France and the Chevalier Bayard, just after the French victory at Marignano when Francis asks/commands the Chevalier to knight him.

 So based on these images I painted the  steel fist figure as Francis with fleur de lies and Phil H from the challenge was kind enough to paint the Chevalier. I have combined them on a  command base and added the paraphernalia of triumph, cannon barrel, standard and drum as the base seemed a little bare. The drum is Warrior, the standard is warlord and the cannon is a nautical model from Spain. I've added the more autumnal tufts to my usual basing in order to tie it in to Curt's basing in this period .

I just need to pack and send them  (together with a hinchcliffe gendarme that Curt is going to paint )of to Canada. 
Next up some more pike and maybe something Napoleonic. 
All the best 

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Great Italian wars 6 landsknecht pike blocks

So here we have two and a half landsknecht pike blocks, made up of Foundry levelled pikes and old glory angled pike backing them up, I think they combine quite happily. I do like the levelled pike look although I know they're a bit of a pain to use but, they look good to me and that's all that matters in my book!

Here's some pics of the old glory back up chaps

And all of them together, I've got another eighteen foundry  landsknechts with upright pikes to finish off the third unit but I haven't even primed them yet, so they will be a while yet! Still to come more pikes, crossbow men, landsknecht shot maybe something napoleonic for a change? 
All the best