Wednesday 14 June 2017

Italian wars 9 Spanish Colonela

So here are two units, colonela of Spanish troops for the great Italian wars a mixed arms unit of pike, sword and buckler men and shot. The first unit is mostly old glory figures with the pike padded out with Warrior pikemen who have had some Perry plastics head swaps. I got the Warrior figures primarily to fill out my Ral Partha 25mm units but as they are on the larger side of 25mm I'm happy to mix them in with the more expensive old glory figures.
The second unit is a mix of old glory pike and sword and buckler men with the odd Perry plastics to fill that out. The shot are made of Foundry figures from their conquistadors range again with a Perry plastic to finish off a unit. The foundry figures are lovely to paint, I have to say that the old glory are also pretty good.

I realise that there is a variation in the colours of the basing, I think the first base is a bit too late but I'll live with it. I still need to sort out flags for these chaps and lots of the Italian wars units . I'm still working on the baggage train and napoleonic french, although there are another couple of Spanish colonela to come. 
All the best Iain