Monday 27 July 2020

ECW 5 Leslie Moor rerun AAR

We had another go at Leslie Moor,one of the free download scenarios from Big Red Batcave for For King and Parliament.
This time we swapped sides with my multi coloured regiments standing in for Mr Ed Grundys  Parliamentarians.
Labels, ammo markers, dash markers, there seems more stuff on the table than TtS. My Covenanter cavalry are making up the numbers( on both sides!)

I did my best to advance my cavalry on the right wing. 

I got to fire a cannon! (Also borrowed from the Covenanter army!)

Already disordered (more stuff)

We are actually moving forward!

Shooting from both sides, bringing a rash disorder. 

Not only do I get to use a cannon but I manage to destroy an infantry unit with it

Other Royalist units end up disordered.

The right wing cavalry defeats their opponents and then dash off in pursuit for the rest of the game!

The centre of the Royalist army in a state of collapse 

On the left wing I manage to lose a cavalry unit and dragoon unit but nothing can detract from the imminent end of the Royalist army. 
Fun game, I would say that as I won but it's funny it ended up with a very similar situation at the end of this game as the last, we got to it in different ways but in both games the Royalist centre collapsed with largely ineffectual activity on the wings. 
What it has made me do is push 3 units of Essex horse up the painting que and I am prepping cuirassiers and dragoons, and have also dug out my various pieces of ordinance, which might take a bit longer!I also realise I need to build lots and lots of hedges!
All the best Iain 

Sunday 19 July 2020

Early Imperial Roman 4 Newline auxiliary infantry and another Venetian/Papal game!

Here are some Roman auxiliaries, it's okay Matt, I've taken your advice and they have got painted shields to differentiate from the previous identical auxiliary unit

More Newline figures, nice sculpts without too much detail, this time I managed a shield design! It was my birthday in June and in leu of a present my daughter offered to help me paint some figures and this is our collaborative result, while she was doing it she asked if she could do one for her boyfriend and this is it.

Pretty good I think, even got a tuft(which none of my chaps do!) We had a refight of the Venetian versus Papal armies with daughter and boyfriend on one side and me on the other ( this time I managed not to lose!) Not long after we dug out the two armies for one more game of TtS but between the pair of them with me keeping the peace!

She won ,in spite of getting 3 aces in a row for her activations in one go,mainly because she was much more aggressive, still a fun game and they want to play some more games which is good!

All the best Iain 

Tuesday 14 July 2020

ECW 4 a couple of For King and Parliament games

Des (nephew 1) came over the other day and we played out the scenario from the For King and Parliament rulebook, the battle of M ,for our first game of these rules .
I set it up with my troops, in order to get a pike and shot unit in a  box I had to halve the size of my blackpowder units,but I figured they looked alright, I also did the same with the cavalry units. I had to use my Covenanter cavalry and also their forlorn hope(detached shot)
I took the Royalists and Des was the rebels , I did my best to advance and tried to take out his cavalry force on my right wing, unfortunately for me I hadn't had much impact when his detached cavalry force turned up on the first available turn,behind me,pretty much game over, FKP Is a development of To the strongest! ,so a card driven game, a bit more paraphernalia on the table and there are differences but we mostly picked it up, Des had previously joined in with Simon's game of Soggy Bottom a Salute or two back but I don't think it helped too much!

A few days later and we had the opportunity of another game so we had a go at Leslies moor, a fictitious battle set in Borchester, the home of the Archers, a long running soap opera on BBC radio 4, I admit I'm old enough to listen to radio 4 but I can't say I'm a fan! This time I added some flags, they may be the wrong flags butI was once again the royalists and once again unsuccessful! It was all pretty even until Des got a breakthrough and most of my central pike and shot units collapsed,  I was able to pull it back to a degree but in the end Parliament was successful, it didn't help that in one go for my 3 activations I drew 3 aces!

Still, great fun and we are going to have another go and swap sides this time. I  need to paint up some more horse regiments, I only have 1 and have had to pinch the rest from my Covenanter army,I also need to paint up a cuirassier unit or two and some dragoons, they will all be assembled and pushed into the painting que, not that there is much painting going on at the moment, there is a  couple of posts of painted figures waiting for me to finish them up but for the moment it's gaming and prepping /assembly, mostly another big block of Swiss pike (quite a lot of conversions) and 5 units of gendarmes, 3 units of which need a  bit of converting. Of course I've also signed up to do a terrain challenge (see Dave's Wargamesculpture blog) for the next couple of months, so I'd better get on with that too!
All the best Iain