Sunday 28 June 2020

Garden games

With the easing of lockdown in the UK and being allowed to visit gardens other than your own, I took my trestles and boards and set them up on the patio.

Another TtS game of Venetian versus Papal condatta armies ensued with the Papal forces eventually being triumphant!

Following that nephew no 1 had been setting up a bolt action game while I played nephew no 2. Once we concluded the two brothers had at it! The Germans won by getting the tank crew man( objective) off the table.

A fun time had by all,the buildings were a mix of mine and nephew no1s, they each supplied their figures, it was the paras first outing so understandable that they lost! The board seemed to work well with the terrain too, which I was pleased about.Nice to have another game,just need more factor 50 for my Celtic skin next time out!

All the best Iain

Saturday 20 June 2020

Great Italian wars 44 Not the Phalanx show! A renaissance parade

As there isn't a  Phalanx show today  Norm at Battlefields and Warriors blog has asked us to mark the date with a post.
Here we have a dream of Maximilian, standing on the battlements of a northern Italian city.

First to come to mind are the Spanish, 4 colunna a unit of genitors, command and a field gun.

 Next (the closest to his heart) his creation, the landsknechts!

Next up the TtS Papal army, gendarmes, pike,mounted crossbow men and some stradiot pretending to be Turks! Plus a few cannon, because we all need artillery!

The Venetian TtS army ,gendarmes, pike mounted crossbow men with another unit of stradiot and a couple of cannons.

The French, Picard pike,adventurers with crossbow, artillery, command and a baggage train ( somewhere to keep your pornographic woodprints if you're Charles VIII!)

Three pike blocks of Swiss ,plus shot and artillery, near the French as often in their employ!
So that's the lot,here they are all together. 

We can now say goodbye to Maximilian who should have travelled over the Atlantic over a year ago but I wanted him to oversee the parade and the building work overran (that almost never happens!) 
That's a lot of figures, they seem to fill a 6' x 4' board ,however I am planning reinforcements, there is an under strength landsknecht pike block that needs 18 more figures to bring it up to par,that's happening. The Swiss will get another 108 pikemen, in one block or split in three and some command, I've started them but as most of them will be converted it seems to be taking some time! I have six further 8 figures gendarme units underway which both the French and Spanish need ( two Spanish, four French) another genitor unit for the Spanish and two mounted crossbow units for the French and four gun carts for Ravenna.  That should be about it! Ideally I would like to be able to field four armies, Venetian, Papal, Spanish and French for a campaign, I think I have enough buildings to split among them. I hope it's not too late Norm!
All the best Iain