Monday 27 February 2023

Grenadiers a cheval of the Imperial Guard Napoleonics 28

 Twelve more cavalry men of the Imperial Guard.  This time it's the Grenadiers a cheval, the premier heavy cavalry unit, the gods! I got these from Colonel Bill's an online second hand figure shop that is also present at shows, I've bought some lovely gendarmes from them before at Salute,but this was the first time I bought some online. They're venerable Connoisseur figures, proper old school, sold originally as 30mm mounted on Colonel Bill's own brand horses which are nice and chunky, I only got them because I'd seen Matts Napoleonic French cavalry over on his blue willow blog and quite fancied them and they've been fun, I had to add an eagle bearer and trumpeter, although they did come with an officer,but you've got to have a flag though right? Once more it comes from GMB and is lovely. 

I followed Peter's advice and drybrushed the bearskins with some grey. 
Played a couple of throw down Napoleonic black powder games at the club using the scenarios from One hour wargaming page 78 and 88, one scenario was defending a river crossing in a built up area with a hill behind and to the side, little knowing there was a ford on the river , the objective was to be in control of the hill at the end of turn eight with six units to each side, great fun, see saw action that eventually I just lost. With still time for another game we played a flank attack  game, again a bit of ebb and flow and surprisingly I won this time.

Game 2

Lots of fun!
More Napoleonic French cavalry up next

All the best Iain 

Thursday 23 February 2023

Casualty markers Napoleonic 27

 So we have a kind of filler post, what I like to call a Stew ( of A terrible loss of lead and wealth  blog) filler as he is the master of such posts! This is a filler, filler chicken dinner post, all filler no killer , well not strictly true as they are casualty markers! 

I used them in black primer for the Christmas game but have got around to painting them, some French line, some Italian ( I mean, I haven't painted any Austrians for a while so I need some white uniforms?)

And of course Confederation of the Rhine troops, Anhalt, Nassau and Shwarzbug Sanderhausen.  To continue my packing/ riveting post I'll include pictures of my painting desk as all the cool kids seem to be doing it.

Blogger posted my painting desk/ tray and paints last, that's what's in the house , in the shed is lots of storage ( the ceates have terrain in them) books and I've been casting up Prince August horses to go with all my spare Perry plastic horsemen to give me three additional units of Austro-Hungarian Hussars, they're headless because I'm going to add spare plastic horse heads/necks, they're about the same size as Foundry horses so I think they're fine for light horse.

The next post will have something better in it , honest!

All the best