Wednesday 26 May 2021

Napoleonic 5 7th French dragoons

 Well, it's taken a while to actually finish these chaps( although much faster than the previous dragoon unit) mainly it's been down to work and then spending every weekend looking at university towns for my daughter. I have enjoyed painting them and they've come out pretty well, again black undercoat and a  rapid coat of the various colours. I  attach a work in progress image of my painting tray and paint box with my mix of paints. I've started using sticks to attach my figures to which is  helping to speed up painting ,suggested by various bloggers and I'm glad I took they're collective advice!

As you can see there are more dragoons in the pipeline, both French and Austrian, I seem to be enjoying Napoleonic cavalry at the moment so I'll stick with it, although in the shed various other projects are bubbling along!

I had to do a little conversion work on the trumpeter as he had given up his legs in boots to a cuirassier ( well you would, wouldn't you?!) so spare hussar overall legs were press ganged into use as there are various images of dragoons in overalls. My reference for this lot was these 2 pamphlets which cost me 50p each I think,  I've got the Ospreys but they're bound in a six volume set which while nice and large,isn't very handy for painting on the sofa!

As I've said next is probably more French dragoons, probably!

All the best Iain 

Tuesday 4 May 2021

A nice present

 My brother came around the other day to drop off a present, he'd found these books on WW2 and was sure I would like them and I did,printed in 1975 they still have a load of information in them and are great fun to browse. 

There is a nice range from artillery to small arms in exhaustive detail, perfect for scratch building Great patriotic war artillery, I fear another rabbit hole!
Otherwise I continue to paint but seem to have a myriad of half done projects, no doubt my focus has waned following the end of the Analogue painting challenge, plus work is mental for the moment,  but this will pass and I will be back on track!
All the best