Monday 31 January 2022

Siege of Worcester war of three Kingdoms/ECW 18

 After Marston Moor we decided to have a go at a  siege as I haven't used my city walls yet,we were going to use the storming of Chichester from the To kill a king scenario book  ,which has siege rules for pike and shot, but on my 6' x 4' table it just took up too much room. I did start making some bridges rapidly as the scenario called for a number but we decided instead to squeeze in the fictional siege of Worcester from the pike and shot rulebook, with a Covenanter force besieged by a  Royalist one.

I or Rupert, managed to lose the entire right wing of cavalry pretty much,the left wing was just a bit too congested, I  did manage to blow both a hole with a petard and destroy the damaged section of wall with some point blank artillery but by the time that had happened there wasn't time to mount a proper assault and gain entry  to qualify for a win within  the eight turns, so it was a Covenanter win. It was all great fun and  nice to get the city walls out for a first game, we will have another go on a larger table and this time include rules for ladders probably eliminate artillery if they're on a section of the wall when it explodes! I need to finish some artillery off for the period and a petard team and of course I want some half timbered town houses as I was forced to use Italian and dark age buildings as the farm /village buildings take up too much space. Next up a finished off pike and shot unit or something Napoleonic. 

All the best Iain 

Sunday 23 January 2022

Austrian Chevauleger no 3 O Riley Napoleonic 8

 Another Austrian cavalry unit that I started before the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge started which I have now finished gor Dave's paint what you've got challenge, in white( sorry Peter!) so could be pressed into service as dragoons if needed.  I was thinking of keeping them till March 17th as they're a wild geese unit in Catholic  Austria but figured I  couldn't wait that long!

 You can see the difference between the Foundry figures and the Perry French cuirassiers . Nevertheless nice figures, I'll just have to boost up the Foundry Austrian cuirassiers when I get to them!

Flag is Perry's, base's are warbases as I don't have time to cut my own! Next up more pike and shot of one kind or another!

Best Iain 

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Battle of Marston Moor ECW/War of three Kingdoms 17 AAR

 Just before Christmas, on the Wednesday we all organised to have a big Civil war battle with as many figures as we could muster and decided to adapt Marston Moor to our combined collection.  Des worked out a pair of army lists based on what we had and the historical order of battle.  I added another 2' to the table  so it's 10' x 6' table, I just had enough road and even had some hedge  left over!

Sorry for so many pictures! We decided to have a big all day game as a kind of Christmas celebration  ,Des was working from home but figured he'd be over by 12, inevitably  he didn't make it over until 6.30 so we didn't finish the game, a highlight was the elimination of the Ironsides, oh how we laughed however most of the Royalist cavalry on their right wing under Rupert were lost,quite a few Parliamentary infantry regiments were lost but as there were 15 infantry  regiments to the Royalists 10,there were still lots of troops left . It was great fun, even if we didn't get to finish it and of course fired my enthusiasm for the remaining troops I have, more cavalry, artillery and of course Montrose's army! Sorry I haven't been visiting your blogs as often, just started a  new contract which means a commute again( about 3 hours total), so time is a bit squeezed, next up another Austrian Chevauleger unit I think?

All the best Iain