Monday 12 October 2020

Dux Bellorum 10 Pictish mounted skirmishers

 So here we have three mounted Pictish skirmishers for Dux Bellorum, forming a unit. They're made up of the wargames factory Celtic cavalry box and I can safely say that they are the worst multi part plastic set I've assembled so far. I've swapped out the heads and arms for Perry and gripping beast plastics from the Ansar and dark age warriors respectively.  

The horses are particularly weird, especially the heads, I've got a  couple more units and I need to sabot base them at some point, they work alright as highland ponies I guess? 

The detail on the human heads as supplied is also really soft,I've kept them in the bits box, so maybe I'll find some sort of use for them!

That's it for now,next up more Pictish cavalry of one kind or another or maybe some basing, I'm spending lots of time prepping figures at the moment. 

All the best Iain 

Friday 2 October 2020

Medieval buildings from UK open air museums

 So this post is a little different, there are no pictures of miniatures or terrain in this post. What I have got is a number of photos I've taken of various medieval buildings at open air museums I have visited and as I have accumulated them as reference for terrain building I thought they might be of interest to others thinking of further builds.

15th century barn at Chiltern open air museum 

Iron age Roundhouse interior Chiltern open air museum 
Iron age roundhouse Celtic Harmony camp

Tudor outbuilding Weald and downland open air museum 

Man powered well

High street W&D various timber framed buildings 

Iron age roundhouses Buster open air museum 

Saxon longhouse Buster open air museum 

Iron age roundhouse Buster 

14th century flint cottage W&D 

Saxon longhouse W&D above,15th century Wealdon house below W&D
Period beehives 
High Street W&D various timber framed buildings 

Tudor barn W&D 
I hope this is of interest to some, I'm doing this partly because I was going through theseon my phone as I get ready to start on some dark age buildings.  Legacy blogger hasn't lasted long, so this has been painfully put together in the new format which seems to delight in deleting images left right and centre! I'm afraid there is still a  few lost titles in the post but if I were to try and delete them I would no doubt lose more images, I guess I will preserve but it's much less intuitive on the phone, which I understood was one of the reasons for the change? Next up? Probably cavalry, probably dark ages. 
All the best