Saturday 23 October 2021

War of three Kingdoms/ECW 13 more shiny cavalry and a command stand

 Here are three more cavalry units and a command stand that I have cleaned and rebased.

The commander with poodle is very nice,as is the trumpeter, as he was spare once  I'd worked out the units I figured he could keep the commander company. I've got enough command figures for two more stands, although I doubt I really need them,I don't think I can integrate these figures into one of my units without repainting them, rebasing them is bad enough, God forbid I should have to repaint perfectly good figures too! I like the poodle,maybe he's meant to be Rupert  and his demonic familiar in the shape of a poodle? ( according to some sections of the parliamentary press) I can totally see why there are occult spin offs from this conflict, when you have elements of one side convinced they were fighting Armagedon and that their opposition were literally diabolical, we know which side had a Witchfinder General, I'd better paint up those skeletons! Thinking about it, if you were a demon would you really manifest yourself as a poodle? It does sound like the kind of drunken conversations you'd have after too much ale( it would have to be ale,certainly real ,probably in a pewter mug) but I very definitely digress so back to lead alloy  turned into 28mm figures and not drinking vessels!

Slightly odd order from blogger, oh well, a lot of photos to upload on the phone and you get the idea, a nice useful load of mounted reinforcements, infantry next,then dragoons, what I really need to address is the lack of artillery, I've got the guns I just need to sort out the crews,and assemble the guns and prime them and paint and base,anyway it's going to be a while and I'm sure something else will come up before then!
All the best 

Thursday 14 October 2021

Geriatric frostgrave band,hey guys one last tour!

 Never mind 25 years ago today for Sgt Pepper, these chaps were all painted  over 40 years ago! Painted in enamel by teenage me,although I recently based them on some more recent (1990s) citadel bases to give these 25mm chaps a chance against their more recent 28mm cousins on 1p bases. They're a mix of Citadel and Ral Partha and were previously used for dungeons and dragons and have lain dormant until relatively recently( 3 years ago!) when we played some frostgrave with my grand nephew's, their interest has waned but I quite enjoyed it as a game and wouldn't mind giving it another go some time. The paladin was one of the earlier paint jobs but I quite like the self sculpted milliput owl on his shield, the female fighters are still in the chainmail bikini territory, de rigure in 1979!

I rather liked the thief figure, lots of character and the ranger. Quite a few religious types, including two types of druid, by the time I painted the elf archer I was starting to work out highlights and letting down the enamels with a little white spirit, these were the last figures I did eyes on, the female cleric isn't bad but I wouldn't bother again! I suppose I've treated these much like the pike and shot figures from the last post, already painted and in need of rebasing ,just this time I know who painted it a bit more! Nice figures and in the contemporary Military Modelling magazine article at 22p a throw not excessively expensive! The 100 years war types are on square bases so that they fit on some home made Impetus sabot bases,some of the archers actually had a game in my recent War of the Roses games, painted 1979, first game 2021!

The one purple aardvark is from Citadels Runequest game and was painted in acrylics when I was at art college in 1985,long ago and far away, well Nottingham anyway!

Obviously I could have stripped and repainted them but I'm happy enough with my slice of 1979 to keep them as they are and hopefully use them again soon!

I've left the ranger  next to a Perry plastic crossbow man,with the base I think they work well enough, two GW Khorne demons have managed to photo bomb the group shot,I suppose they have youth on they're side as they're from about 1987!

Probably more rebased pike and shot types. 

All the best