Sunday 21 March 2021

Napoleonic 4 a big bunch of cuirassiers

 Here we have 4 x 12 figure units of Napoleonic French cuirassiers, one unit each of red,yellow, orange and  pink facings, all Perry plastic for 1812 to 1815 ( although I will use them for the 1809 Danube campaign, I know heresy,but you've got to catch me before you can burn me!) The flags will have to wait  a while until a printer can help me out, I've taken  Peter's aka Gonzalos advice and gone for flags even if they're not yet evident. 

Lovely iconic figures,I've gone for the reversed colours on the trumpeters as I prefer it to the Imperial livery.  These are made up of 3 boxes plus the 3 additional armoured  torsos added to 3 spare dragoon legs and  horses, plus I swapped out a dragoon trumpeters legs for overalls  and  converted a light horse and purchased an additional command stand. I've really quite enjoyed painting them,48 at one go might be too many but it does improve efficiency, which is what the hobby is all about isn't it? Oh, what no, okay anyway much easier painting uniforms, who knew? I've also gone a bit simpler on the painting in order to get these done and for future Napoleonics, prime black and then used that black as shadow, so no shadow, no highlight no wash,no white dry brushing on the black ,so pretty simple but effective enough I think, I've got to do this or I will literally never finish just the Napoleonics I have, let alone the additional ones I'm bound to purchase!

In addition there are 2 French Napoleonic generals, well  Marshal Lannes and general Lasalle, both Perry metal figures I bought myself for Christmas, well my wife and daughter refused to buy me miniatures, so I got them, wrapped them and put them under the tree,from santa! 

I've always wanted a figure of Lasalle since getting military illustrated 4 or 5 which had an article on him illustrated by Angus McBride, so here he is, Marshal Lannes will probably get someone else added to his command stand but I just wanted to get him done for  now ,of course both these commanders don't make sense with 1812 cuirassiers as they both died in 1809!

What next? Not sure, I've got lots primed but now the Analogue hobbies painting challenge is over a little less pressure to paint them, I might even do some terrain?

All the best Iain