Tuesday 22 August 2017

Napoleonic 1 French line infantry

Well, here is something different from what I've done before, these are warlord games French line infantry, nice and fast to assemble, of limited in poses. The metal figures were a little bit rough but I kind of expect that with warlord, the plastic figures were fine, so first napoleonic unit, two more are painted and mostly based but they're based singly on pennies and then sabot based so a little more fiddly!  Flag is waiting till my printer works again, could be some time!

Good enough I think, I've got 5 more line units built and primed,they're all primarily for the 1809 danube campaign, I've also bought Austrians although they'll probably be up against my nephews brits in Spain, better get on with my Italian /Spanish buildings then!
All the best Iain 

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Great Italian wars 14 Last of the Spanish and a command stand

Here we have the last Spanish colonela, these are predominantly old glory with Warrior packing out the pikes including some head swaps with Perry plastics which just about work, even though Warrior are more 25mm really. I mainly got them so that I can finally finish my 25mm Ral Partha units(that were  started in about 1979! ), at 40p each it's certainly the cheapest option, I was buying them second hand on ebay for 50p each and then found out on the home site you could buy a landsknecht army of 100 figures for  £40! They're not bad, although the limited poses is a bit difficult once you get away from pikemen.

I know flags, it'll happen honest and when it does I'll post all four units! The command stand is foundry and are lovely figures. 

Well that's me for now I'm prepping more Swiss, landsknechts and carts! I should be doing stradiots ,mounted crossbow men and genitors but hey ho! 
Best Iain