Monday 8 August 2022

Blunders on the Danube and Austrian Infantry regiment No 4 Hoch and Deutschmeister Napoleonic 19

Planning for my Christmas game I wanted to try and base the game on a historical battle if I  could and if not I wanted some scenarios for the 1809 Danube campaign.  Where else but Peter Anderson's Blunders on the Danube,( who's blog of the same name is a great resource) designed for Piquet but adaptable for other rulesets, I  managed to get a real book from Lancashire games ( I always prefer them to pdfs) I'll be using it for Blackpowder  I'm clearly joining the book posting fraternity!

In addition,another Napoleonic Austrian Infantry regiment, No 4 Hoch and Deutschmeister , this time it's, primed halfords grey, flesh, black, brown , facing colour and metal then agrax earthshade wash and then yellow and white, pretty happy with this lot, three of them were  painted during the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge, I've just changed the facing colour on those chaps, slightly different finish but I think they fit in, a bread and butter post but hey at least it's a post, having missed July due to a holiday, a trip abroad for a funeral and it just being too hot to paint. I've still got quite a few more Austrian units primed in grey ( and one primed in a combination of black and grey, that'll be interesting? I'd run out of grey and wanted them primed!) But I've primed a load more in white, how retro I hear you cry but I am going to try out contrast paints, who said I am a dinosaur incapable of change? I don't know who you are, but you might have a point, nevertheless in the interest of productivity I'm willing to give it a go!

In addition I had another Kings of War game at the club which was fun, I took some photos of the set up but after that was too busy, a hard fought draw which is an improvement, here are some photos since apparently without photos it didn't happen    ( so says Jonathan anyway!) Chariots were mostly useless but terribly characterful!

Next up? Napoleonic Austrian cavalry or French infantry? Or possibly some terrain with some paint rapidly thrown at it? Who knows, I know I don't!

All the best