Tuesday 31 October 2023

Bolt action graveyard and war memorial Terrain 22

 As I usually try and post on Tuesday and this is all Hallows Eve I thought I would post something I've been pottering along with for  a while.well since Dave's summer  of scenery ( which seems  a long time ago!) I had a couple of minifigs 25mm Napoleonic figures, a Prussian and I think a French figure.  I couldn't see me using them, not least as I don't have a Prussian army for that period, well not yet! 

Anyway I thought, why not a war memorial to the war of liberation for my bolt action terrain? I had some statue bases I'd made for Frostgrave so I pinched one of them, stuck down my minifigs chaps and then in the spirit of late 19th century romantic art added slate dressing around them and a figure of Nike the goddess of victory urging them on, alright she's some unknown witch from the late 1970's but everyone is allowed a second chance, right?

  So that little ensemble were built and primed before our last Valour and Fortitude game and Des commented on it favourably which resulted in me knocking out the graveyard while my wife went to the theatre, hardboard base, Rendra leftover railings  ,from the big house ruin, and their graveyard set, bit of foamboard walls and some corrugated card pinched from my daughters craft/making things box once she grew out of, waste not want not, texture paste as I'd left the ready mixed filler in the house, sand etc and there we have it, somewhere in Prussia or maybe it's celebrating Prussia and Russia shoulder to shoulder liberating Europe from the Corsican Ogre? Or you can take it out and it can be a built up area for Blackpowder? The commisar is in for repairs as his metal flag fell off!

Car spray black and various emulsion testor pots and a geriatric pot of Citadel salamander green from sometime in the late 1980s I think and then terrain flock( cheaper stuff!)

Next up? More bolt action terrain? Napoleonic limbers or  Old Guard chasseurs or a Valour and Fortitude AAR or a Pike and Shot AAR?  One of those probably!

All the best 


Monday 23 October 2023

First game of Valour and Fortitude Napoleonics 42

 Here's a  Napoleonic AAR, as requested by Matt! Des and I tried out the scenario in the ruleset given away with the current edition of Wargames illustrated. It's available as a free download from the Perry site but I wanted a hard copy.

As it's a points built game we both set up with 200 points armies divided into two brigades each, mine is shown below                ( including the two limber units fulfilling their vow to Isildurs heir, they've since been pushed up the painting queue!) One brigade with three line infantry units , a limbered artillery piece of field artillery ( all artillery are limbered!) and a unit of hussars. The second brigade had two units of line infantry, a limbered artillery piece of field artillery and a unit of dragoons. 

Des had four line units and a limbered gun   ( oxen, seemed appropriate for the Penisular!) In one brigade , rifles, light dragoons and a line unit in the other. We set up with two towns, and a couple of woods as per the scenario, interestingly you start up , up to18" in so it became a race to see who occupied the towns/ woods. Perfidious Albion benefit from shooting in line and The French from melee if in assault column. 

Perfidious Albion won the race to occupy at least one of the built up areas and the two woods. Activation is a thing but you automatically activate one brigade and you only need to get a 2 or more to activate a brigade, so there is some peril but not as much as Blackpowder plus movement is more straightforward, if you have the inches you can do it. Des charged my dragoons with his light dragoons, we both dished out the same casualties but compared to Blackpowder you don't have a saving throw, once you're hit that's it! 

The sequence is different as you fire before moving and either shoot or move, unless you have the skirmisher skill in which case you can shoot with half your shooting dice and then move, this gets rid of the dash followed by a volley which can be found in some Blackpowder games.

There are also fate cards which we only used one of, although they do give an additional layer that I liked, I almost used one in the last turn, more on that later.

Faced with British occupation of the woods and built up area I decided to assault them, as much as anything to test the rules as in Blackpowder I knew I would have got a bloody nose but thought I'd find out what the  difference if any was.

I assaulted the rifles in the woods with a unit of line infantry supported by another, they were pretty lucky to survive, in the cavalry tussle, we made a mistake and didn't penalise the light dragoons for being shaken just the French dragoons as the attacker, which seemed odd, some time after the dragoons routed , we found that they sensibly should have, hey ho, live and learn although not in this case!

I assaulted with one unit the built up area , gave and took casualties and stayed in combat, a line unit supported by the hussars assaulted the enemy in the wood and destroyed them occupying the wood the final unit of infantry occupied the other built up area and the artillery piece unlimbered.

The rifles ran away and the British shot at the French, I found out being in woods isn't terribly helpful when shot at by artillery and infantry so the unit that was in the woods routed! Des charged my limbered artillery in the flank, ouch but surprisingly they held.

In my turn I failed my activation on my left flank but was able to automatically activate the other brigade , I had to send a messenger to the unit in the town as they were beyond 12" from their command, I know, it's a dice roll but obviously Des and I are planning ADC/messenger figures! I assaulted the other town with a single unit carrying casualties and surprisingly routed the foe! We were now even steven and mine was  the last go, if I could just charge the light dragoons with my fresh hussars, it was out of range but were I to play the king of hearts card I had, I would be 1" short!

So an entertaining draw, working on the limbers now, another game on Wednesday, you could say were interested and enjoying it!

Excuse the work in progress but I mentioned to Norm about spraying his epic civil war figures halfords khaki, I just thought I'd show him what it's like and then wih a wash, you'd only need flesh white and a bit of colour and you would be good enough, the Foundry figure is going to be my general Montrose to start that army, it'll take a while!

Next up? Pike and shot AAR, Napoleonic chasseurs, bolt action terrain or another V&F AAR? Not sure!
All the best 

Monday 16 October 2023

French command Napoleonic 41

 Some more French Napoleonic command including one chap getting rebased, all Perry. 

The balance of the Colonels pre 1812 pack, heavy cavalry command and the last of the Lasalle and Lannes pack, a light cavalry general. All on consistent basing now, I've got two units of Guard infantry chasseurs and a couple of artillery pieces to complete and then I'll be off the French Napoleonics for a bit and will try and do a parade of painted progress and decisions on future painting, so your likely to see those chaps interspersed with terrain and ECW battles!

All the best 


Tuesday 10 October 2023

AAR War of three Kingdoms/ ECW 26

 Had another pike and shot game at the club, we used one hour wargames scenario no 28 Botched relief.

The red army is defending the town with two units, the blue is attacking the town and aiming to take it with four units, red have four more units sitting on a hill but can only send one at a time to relive the town, to be replaced when each unit is destroyed, interesting asymmetrical scenario based on an action in the Mexican American war. I took blue, starting on the southern edge and with eight turns to take the town I got off to a lousy start as it was my turn to fail to activate for two turns! Fortunately I was out of range of any kind of shot but it kind of knackered the schedule! John moved the first unit off the hill , I declared a charge, he went into hedgehog and I  pulled back, I managed to start getting my infantry moving but artillery fire kept slowing it down, as did fire from the two occupied buildings, eventually I got into charge range but had run out of time, we decided to carry on for a while anyway and I eventually took the town but ejecting infantry from buildings is super hard in pike and shot just like it is in Blackpowder. Good game in spite of the result, we will continue with the war of three Kingdoms in our next club game.
Next up? Terrain, book parade or Napoleonics, not sure which at the moment.
All the best