Saturday 18 May 2019

Terrain 8 metal corrosion in model trees,if you go down to the woods today!

My original model trees were made of pipe cleaners. I painted them with masonry paint and mounted them individually and then after a while added some slate and mounted them on some hardboard,all good. When I moved to my current house they were stored together with all my hobby stuff and tools in the basement,which being England flooded during the summer while I was working away. All my hobby stuff was in plastic crates(as opposed to my tools,I guess that shows where my priorities lie!) But clearly not airtight in the case of my terrain.

Obviously I have continued to use them and my nephew very kindly pointed out that they look more like Mirkwood than any terrain he's seen, however we're not doing Lord of the Rings so something had to be done.

These are plastic trees(Jarvis I think? They've been out of their bags a long time!) They're either based singly on some warbase circular bases or two to a base on redundant CDs (as suggested by Stew on his blog: A terrible loss of lead and wealth) then based as normal,I stuffed some foamboard under a few of the shorter trees, that seems to have worked out. Rather rapidly painted in the end as it had all taken so long!
Next, more trees, winter ones this time! Churches,I'm working on cypress trees that aren't made of pipe cleaners! Oh and maybe some figures?

All the best Iain

Friday 10 May 2019

Terrain 7 a handful of hills

Here we have three hills, two new builds and one a rebuild, they're all expanded polystyrene based on cork and then coated with tile adhesive ( as I have a dirty great drum of it and it sets hard) Then PVA and sharp sand,a coat of emulsion,a wash of ink and then some more PVA and flock/a little cat litter, there's a bit of  a rock finish on two of them made of thick cork that was on one of the bedroom walls in the house when I moved in ( big in the seventies!) Obviously I retained some for just this kind of thing!

Next up,more terrain first probably, not terribly exciting but useful!
All the best Iain