Saturday 28 April 2018

Never mind the Soviets here's my Swiss Kiel Italian wars 18

It's been over a month since my last post (should I be saying bless me father,it kind of sounds like that?) Anyway I've been plugging away with 108 old glory Italian wars Swiss and I've finally finished them. There hasn't been a drop in productivity since the challenge, it's just I decided to do too many in one go!
Really there are three units of 36pikes, but of course they can be combined into one big kiel.

These old glory figures were great fun to paint, a pack of armoured,a pack of unarmoured pike ,some command and some halberdiers that I've given pikes to.
I'm finishing up some gendarmes that were half finished at the end of the previous challenge and have watched everything else get painted, I've got an Italian wars gun crew, I just need to paint the gun(which I don't really need) The great thing is that these can be French, Swiss, Italian or indeed Scottish(Im tempted by Flodden to be honest, just need Highlanders/Irish) lot's of landsknechts primed and I picked up some steel fist gendarmes oh and more artillery, so no let up on the rennaisance front then.
All the best Iain