Sunday 24 June 2018

Terrain 3 two bridges and a ruined chapel

More terrain and to start with another relatively elderly piece (probably 8years old), a ruined chapel. Mostly consisting of some GW gothic ruins (sans skulls!)with some plasticard slab sheet, balsa and bits and bobs including FS12 from the 1979 citadel fantasy specials,well half of it anyway.
We then have two plastic bridges,a rendra timber bridge and an Italeri/warlord stone bridge which I bought at Salute this year and have already painted!( frankly something of a record for me ,I bought the other bridge the year before which is more like it!)

Useful stuff and the bridges have already seen action, next up? More terrain,I need to try and drag it up to something like the standard of the figures as opposed to being poor second best!
All the best Iain

Friday 15 June 2018

Terrain 2 A timber framed building

I have finally finished a timber framed building I've been working on for,oh about 10 years, probably been using it half finished for seven or eight years! It's scratch built from foamboard ,balsa and the roof is flooring underlay that I had spare.
The barn is based on a laser cut building I picked up in a pound shop and then clad with balsa. The windows are salvaged from the airfix control tower and the sets in the yard are red lentils!
It's a lowland English type of timber framing, good from the 15th century on , chimneys come in from the 15th century on although looking at mine I might add something to the top of them, I'm finishing off two more timber framed buildings so I could just tweak the chimney on this one.

I've shown some WOTR figures and livestock for scale and am now pretty happy with it,apart from the chimney!
This is a fantastic book if you're interested in timber framed buildings,it's loaded with illustrations and lots of details, really good for a small paperback (sorry couldn't change the orientation of the image on my phone!) Quite a useful piece, from the late 15th century on and even though it's lowland English,I'm happy to use it all over Europe! Next up more terrain, buildings, bridges and trees not sure in what order.
All the best Iain

Wednesday 6 June 2018

Great Italian wars 21 another artillery piece!

So here we have a non landsknecht artillery piece for the Italian wars, the crew are foundry from their conquistador range. The piece itself is a mix of a barrel from a Spanish ship model range(who's twin was used last year in the Marigano Curtgeld vignette) some wheels from a GW snotling pump wagon I'd acquired and the carriage come from a reinforcement box for an MG ?game, the plastic figures of which were designed by GW: a mounted general, three mounted knights ,ten longbow men, five crossbow men,five halberdiers and an artillery piece with two crew in chunky 25mm in GW empire dress.
Even though I wasn't really doing much apart from 40k at the time I picked them up,at £2 a box I bought both boxes,20 years later I'm finally using something from one of the boxes!
I'm planning on using the rest of the boxes at some point to add to my Italian wars forces.

Next post will probably be some terrain as I'm trying to finish stuff off and generally improve the look of all the scenic elements.
All the best Iain