Tuesday 27 June 2023

Novelty items, pound shop buys and key rings artillery wars of three Kingdoms 21

 So these are the first of the odds and sodds featured previously as a work in progress, four medium guns, sakers, three purchased second hand, two purporting to be Napoleonic but I  don't think so ,I'm pretty sure they're all hinchcliffe. The ECW  crew that came with them were true 25mm so no use to me, I sent them off to Robbie of Independent wargaming  blog. The other gun is made from an extended barrel from the £1.50 battle masters kit that supplied some recruits to a number of great Italian wars gendarmes units, the infantry are slowly being absorbed into a Swiss keil. Anyway the rest of the gun is balsa, cardboard and a pair of resin wheels, good enough for gaming and I'm happy with the result.  The crew are mostly Old Glory except for one Essex crew who together with their gun are the last of the Essex army I bought off ebay a while ago, alright two house moves and when I bought them my daughter was in primary school, she's got one year left at university, so time flies, blink and you miss it! He's the commander in blue of the red gun.

It's pretty obvious which one is the scratch build but overall I'm happy enough.
Three more keyrings/light guns and four heavy guns to go!
All the best 

Thursday 15 June 2023

French line infantry regiment no 47 Napoleonic 36

 Final Perry plastic French line infantry regiment of this batch, still lot's more to go, which is good as I find them strangely relaxing (!) This time it's regiment no 47 with the last if the Victrix flags, I'll have to move onto something else for the rest!

The eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed I've press ganged a spare Warlord figure in amongst his Perry  chums he was free with wargames illustrated, the rest of his sprue are spread around various other battalions. 
Working on some Victrix infantry and of course progress continues with my 17th century artillery 
All the best 

Thursday 8 June 2023

French line infantry regiment no 70 Napoleonic post 35

 Here is another Perry plastic French line infantry regiment no 70, nice to put together and paint, they've been in use half painted so it's nice to finish them off!

Once more with a Victrix flag, still painting more Napoleonics and war of three Kingdoms artillery which apart from the dragoons will see me mostly complete that project for now, I have two regiments of dragoons but I have two more regiments worth in the lead pile so I feel I should finish them, I just don't have any urgency! There is of course a Montrose army, safety locked away but the thought of tartan seems to keep it bottom of the pile! There's also lot's of primed Napoleonics however I have started prepping some Italian wars light cavalry in an effort to complete another project, I  know, I know ,not really finished but most options done for say four armies simultaneously, I mean surely I don't need any more?!

All the best 


Thursday 1 June 2023

French line infantry regiment 27 Napoleonic 34

 Here is the first of three French line regiments, Perry plastic with a Victrix flag in the 1807-1814 uniform , you can stop reading now Stew if you want!

Nice figures to paint,I like that you get a larger command element,although they've taken a while as I got them up to good enough and used them as that for a while.

And for Norm, 80mm base for my Napoleon command base.

Next up? Probably the other Napoleonic French infantry regiments but there's some war of three Kingdoms artillery coming up on the outside and they're liable to have a game before the Napoleonics so let's see, not much of a cliffhanger but you work with what you've got!

All the best