Monday 28 February 2022

Napoleonic Austrian Infantry regiment no10 Anton Mittrowski and no 15 Zach Napoleonic 9

 These have taken a bit longer than I'd hoped, 48 28mm Perry plastic Austrians, although as you only get one command in a box and I like to field units of 24, I've suplemented them with 2 Victrix plastic figures converted into a flag bearer and the other into a drummer with surplus Victrix French drum arms and drum,the officer is a rather more heavily converted Perry plastic dismounted French dragoon with Victrix arms,he is alright but for the additional six boxes I'm going to use the Perry plastic Confederate command sprue as you get an officer in a long coat, a flag bearers arms and pole and a drum with arms ,perfect for £1.00!

I still haven't got the white right, the red faced regiment ,IR 10, has had another process (a top highlight of white) whereas the green faced regiment IR 15 I've only used white on the straps  and I kind of think that might work better with the off white uniform? I also was wondering if I should have primed them black like the casualty figures I've done,they're converted from British casualties that you get with Perry's French heavy cavalry and as I have no intention of doing British  (my nephew is and you've got to draw a line somewhere!) so hacked them about a bit, I think they're good enough. I've been thinking about my approach to painting white and I might be onto something, let's hope so as I have literally hundreds of the blighters to do!

All the best 


Thursday 17 February 2022

Seven Essex shot make a London trained bands regiment, war of three Kingdoms/ECW 19

I  have finally finished the last of the great 17th century rebasing 4 units of cavalry, 2 units of dragoons, a number of command stands and with the addition of these 7 1980s Essex shot figures I can field a 6th pike and shot regiment from his figures.  

This gives me the red regiment of the London trained bands( hence the buff coats)for the battle of Cropredy, so I wanted a bit of variety with them, it also meant I could dump various left over figures in too, to make the numbers up! Apostles in green to match the  existing shot, I haven't copied the original style but I think they do. As you can see I have moved over to six /seven figures on a stick to speed up production , ammunition quality painting but not too bad for an evenings work. 

This is a photo of the  unit together with all the figures I have from the Blax trade(a Jacobite cannon and crew have skedadled across the Atlantic) I owe them an additional flag at some point. 

They've already seen action with the siege of Worcester but I thought they could do with their own post,sorry if I've dropped off on some of  my comments but I've had a bout of covid, all good now,next up some more Napoleonics.

All the best Iain