Monday 30 January 2023

Chasseurs a cheval de la Imperial guard Napoleonic 25

 This unit didn't make it to the big game but I've finished them now, it's a rather understated uniform I think but I do like them, since  my cataract operation in December I'm having to re learn how to paint and can't see close up like I did before, so I think they're alright but I'm not entirely sure! Like virtually all my Imperial guard figures these are metal and therefore second hand, the previous owner had picked them up second hand with their black acrylic paint worn off in various places and with only the eagle bearer apart from the rank and file, I converted/promoted one of those chaps into a command figure, the trumpeter was a Foundry figure ( part of a rather varied eBay French Napoleonic command purchase ) who matches his Perry cousins in size very well ,(one of the sword at the ready chaps took his place guarding the Emperor, the Foundry horse was definitely diminutive compared to the Perry horses) I cut his carbine off and gave him a spare plastic trumpet hand, like Keith in my hurry to get the unit done I painted him green, only realising my mistake later, still repainted he's done and a rather dapper light blue!

The flags are by GMB designs and very nice they are too, bases by Warbase. next up? More guard cavalry I think!

All the best


Tuesday 24 January 2023

Confederation of the Rhine Anhalt battalion and battle of Fontaniva 1796 Napoleonic 24

 This is the Anhalt battalion of the 5th regiment,. Confederation of the Rhine. The command are metal Perry figures, the rank and file are Perry plastic Austrians with French hussars/ light infantry, mainly Perry but a few from Victrix, the elite are Victrix Austrians with French elite arms complete with epallets. I rather like the colour scheme . They were painted and largely based for the Christmas game but I've only just finished basing them and giving them a flag which looking at it now I realise I will need to enlarge it slightly.

We had a black powder scenario Des got off the web with the Austrians holding a bridge against a French assault  , the French needing to get 2/3rds of their strength across the bridge and into the town, the Austrians got reinforcements as the game went on and it was set for 8 turns. Playing the French I tried to get the first unit to move, obviously that wasn't going to happen! The Austrian artillery was very successful but eventually I managed to eliminate the Austrians and get my troops across but it was a very close run thing!

I improved the basing and brought out some more appropriate Italian buildings for a refight at the club on the following Sunday.  This time I played the Austrians and I was lucky that John elected to try and reduce my effectiveness by shooting, which delayed his assault resulting in me holding on barely by the time the last turn came around, both were enjoyable games and a nice size with about six units a side which we have since adopted for the last couple of games.

Well that's a rather long post,more Napoleonics in the pipeline but I am tempted to at least prep some Italian wars figures up and I have some primed dark age types winking at me!

All the best