Thursday 13 September 2018

Terrain 4 Two half timbered buildings

Long time no post, summer holidays and stuff. Lots of prepping and priming has been going on, always best in the dry weather but little finished product as such,lots in progress and I have finally finished something!
Two more half timbered buildings with yards, more lowland type buildings from the book ( Discovering timber framed buildings  by Richard Harris) I referred to in the last half timbered building post,medieval England is divided into two areas ,highland and lowland,you get lowland buildings in highland areas but not the other way around.
The first has a Rendra fence,I added a diagonal strap to another piece of fencing to make the gate . It's a useful kit with various types of fencing.
The outbuilding is part of the venerable Airfix Roman Fort kit which I've had since time immemorial. I've jacked it up with a bit of foamboard and added some balsa doors.
The main building is foamboard,balsa and flooring underlay I use for thatch. I realised that I put chimney pots on the last building, which was a mistake as chimney pots come in with the victorians. So no chimney pots on these! The window pains are aluminium car repair mesh sprayed with black paint,mostly painted with emulsion paint and a bit of ink,sand and flock to be similar to my figure basing.

Its funny but the roof doesn't look that red in real life, the Venetian command are there to add a bit of scale,they still haven't been put away yet!
The next one has close boarding (which indicates higher status) but no outbuilding and a wattle fence,I guess they blew the money on the building and had to make do!
The building materials are pretty much identical to the first.

I like the top shot so I have included one of the other building. Lots primed, painting tray has landsknecht pike fighting with Napoleonic French dragoons for my attention,my nephew's came up for a game of Chosen men, Napoleonic skirmish, and asI only had infantry for my French we proxied in Ben's Russians as French,soundly beaten by Des's British rifles supermen! So French cavalry are storming to the front of the question plus I need to finish assembling and prime my artillery too.
All the best