Wednesday 21 February 2018

WW2 soviets 4

This week has been half term, valentines, a trip away, a 20th anniversary and a trip to Camden to see the Damned .
 There hasn't been that much painting going on to be honest.
I have managed to finish up a few soviets which should take me past my 750 target, which is great!
Here we have the final spotter three two man support teams and some rank and file, once more 28mm warlord and PSC.

So I think this makes 55, next week more soviets but I will be starting something from an earlier period that I hope to finish in the next four weeks. 
All the best Iain 

Wednesday 14 February 2018

WW2 soviets 3

Here are some more WW2 soviets, just not at the last minute for a change!
First up is a junior officer,cunningly posed in what I assume is his inspiration. 

Followed by a commissar and the first flag for this army, I'll be adding a female commissar with a red flag as a tank rider, reminding me of the 1950s soviet film the commissar which is like a black and white spaghetti western, if you can imagine Clint Eastwood as a female, communist , pregnant commissar, but I digress, next up some infantry 

The first four are warlord games, in the next four the first chap is black tree design and the rest warlord games and the last four are PSC. 

Flamethrower team, warlord games. 


2"mortar team 

Ant tank gun team  (PSC bodies and warlord heads )

Black tree design maxim team with PSC maxim 

76.2mm gun /howitzer 


T34/85, I was given this tank by Lee a fellow blogger  (a figure painting therapy project ) who wouldn't even let me pay postage luckily he's also doing  an english civil war project and needed a copy of George Gush WRG rules so I was able to give him my copy as I can't see me playing it again! Unless I've mentioned it , the models are mostly warlord games. Here's they are all together .

I think that this adds up to 135 points? There are more reds on the way, I hope to finish up the rest of the soviets in the next couple of weeks and then crack on with some more renaissance figures. 
All the best Iain 

Thursday 8 February 2018

WW 2 soviet 2

Here is  a M3A1 supplied under lend lease from warlord games with a female tank commander, also from warlord games .
Next up are two medics one from warlord games and a plastic soldier company figure. 

Next up is a forward observer from warlord games. 

And finally here is a sniper and spotter from bad squiddo games. 
Here they are all together! 
More soviets to come but of course the plan went out of the window after the BFG round and instead of painting soviets I found myself prepping landsknechts and starting a massive terrain project, oh well! 
All the best 

Tuesday 6 February 2018

Italian wars 17 command stand

Here we have one 28mm figure painted for the challenge and a mounted command figure previously painted who has been waiting for a companion, he's a foundry gendarme but enough about him what about the musician, well, I've had him since the 1970s he's a minifigs fantasy figure, valley of the four winds I think, which was a games workshop game but minifigs did the figures . I always thought he looked close enough to a landsknecht so he has been pressed, taken the shilling and left that fantasy stuff behind! He's quite a pleasing figure although my usual technique didn't really work on his face so I had to do a bit more work! But he's good enough and it' only taken, what, just shy of 40 years to get him painted,so that's all right then, there's hope for all the rest in my lead pile!
So that's one 25mm figure plus bonus.
All the best Iain