Thursday 30 December 2021

Austrian Chevauleger regiment no 2 Hohenzollern Napoleonic 7

 Here are 12 Foundry Napoleonic Austrian Chevauleger. I wanted at least one unit in green coats,so here we have regiment no 2 Hohenzollern, as they are Foundry they are a little bit diminutive compared to say Perry or Warlord so even though the bridle would suggest they are dragoons, I have decided to make them lighter cavalry on smaller horses, another unit will be along shortly in the more common white uniform,also Foundry,  both purchased from Colonel Bill's at Salute a few years back. The flag is from the Perry plastic set,those will be along at some point,I thought I'd finished them until I  saw an illustration showing the standard bearers pole,which necessitated repainting post basing! I  started these ages ago but taking part in Dave's" paint what you've got" challenge has meant I've finally finished them in spite of starting the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge ,which is a result!

So more Austrians to come,mounted and on foot,and a Happy New Year to all who pass by this blog!

All the best Iain 

Friday 17 December 2021

Terrain 15 burnt out barn

 This is a balsa wood barn I made for a job, when I was a model maker, almost 20 years ago that was going to be chucked so I said I'll have it and it's been knocking around, a bit broken in a box until I eventually thought I'd just better get it done. As it's all balsa it's a  bit delicate  I gave it a coat of dilute pva to strengthen it up a bit, it also had a bit of emulsion in it to give it a bit of colour,  a dirty wash,then a black wash and another dirty wash. It's really northern European 19th century but I will happily use it in 1809 on the danube,in the 17th century ( or even earlier!) in Britain and it can get overrun by my Soviets too!

We also set up for a big pike and shot game  including the recently rebased figures,AAR to follow at some point! 
Next up? Probably something Napoleonic as I  clear the decks for the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge starting on the 20th of December. 

All the best Iain 

Friday 10 December 2021

War of three Kingdoms/ECW 16 Sir Henry Bard's regiment of foot ,Lord Hopton's blue coats ,Sir Allen Apsley's regiment of foot and the Marquis of Hertford's regiment of foot.

 First up, sorry  it's  a long post, I got bored putting up individual units, so here are most of the rest of the figures I got off of Blax.

 Sir Henry Bard's grey coated Royalist regiment with interesting flags supplied by warlord games.  Another regiment at Cropredy ,raised in 1643 and at first Newbury, in 1644,Cheriton, Cropredy, Lostwithiel, 2nd Newbury, in 1645 Leicester and Naseby. Once again, a wash, rebase,new flags and some pikes.

Lord Hopton's regiment of foot,blue coats and red flags( warlord),raised in the Bristol area in 1643,storm of Bristol, siege of Gloucester, first Newbury,in 1644,Cheriton, Lostwithiel, Cropredy second Newbury. In 1645 besieged in Bristol and 1646 besieged in Pendennis . I really like the shot with the muskets over the shoulder. 

The next Royalist foot regiment, Sir Allen Apsley's, red coats and a jazzy (gyronny)flag that looks like the mosaic path I put down during lockdown! Raised in Devon in 1643,in action in 1644 at Cheriton, Lostwithiel, Cropredy, Newbury and in 1645 at Leicester and Naseby. Once again washed, some new pikes,rebased and  new flags that I overpainted on colour copies of some other warlord white  based flags. There are a couple of non red coated shot ,just to break up the uniformity, it's not Napoleonic you know! My Napoleonic project has taken quite a hit with the rebasing project but almost all over now.

The Marquis of Hertford's regiment of foot, I had to do these as Hertford is where I  live, here I am on shaky ground as generally these are depicted as a grey or white regiment, however the general view is that this is tentative and not definite, into this scintilla of doubt I have shoe horned my green coated regiment and dare anyone to argue with me! The green flags have Hawks lures as their device which I have painted on  photocopies of  green warlord flags. Raised in 1642 in Somerset, besieged in Sherborne Castle, in 1643 battle of Lansdowne,besieged in Devizes, tookpart in the storm of Bristol, a detachment is believed to be at first Newbury.  In 1644 Cheriton, Lostwithiel, Cropredy second Newbury. In 1645,storm of Ledbury, storm of Leicester and Naseby. Sir Bernard Astley took over as Colonel at the end of 1643.

Here they are with a spare officer type who I have mounted as a command base,pretty sure he's  a Foundry figure as I  already have him on a different command  base,I've mounted the other two spare figures as command stands as the half armoured chap was a bit big next to the Foundry figure and the cavalry chap was too dynamic to go with either.I know I have to touch up the edges of the flags when I've got some green on the go and next time try and get everything in focus maybe? All that's left is to paint up six more Essex shot to make up the numbers for a trained band unit, which won't be for a while. After that I have to flag up my existing units ( which funnily enough pretty much mirror this collection, one yellow, red,blue, green and grey!) they've only got temporary flags, I will be issuing them with appropriate parliamentarian flags for the battle of Cropredy, who knows maybe I'll play a game of it at some point, still to paint, artillery, a Royalist cuirassier unit and some clubmen     ( we will draw a veil across the army of Montrose sitting in it's box with all that tartan, oh the horror!) and then reflag my Covenanters with correct flags for something as opposed ones that just look pretty? After that, a scratch  built modular star fort ? A scratch built fortified manor house? Ah the dreams of a wargamer! As for Croats and Polish Hussars and Ottomans, let's have a look after all the above are done shall we?!

Well that's quite enough of a very long post,had a game cancelled last week, hoping to get these chaps out for a nice big pike and shot  game next Wednesday .
All the best Iain