Sunday 15 November 2020

Dux Bellorum 11 More Pict cavalry and home made sabot bases

 Here are two more tiny mounted skirmish units for  my Pict force and also my mounted leader and companions and a unit of mounted nobles.

Once again the skirmish types are wargames factory with some Perry and gripping beast plastic additions .

The companions and nobles are a mix of dark age and late Roman Gripping beast plastic cavalry with the odd anachronistic Saxon helmet thrown in for good measure together with some Perry Ansar shields and some Black tree design shields to try and tie them in with the infantry. I enjoyed painting these chaps and they went together well, I would have preferred that you had full arms, rather than half arms but its a minor quibble on my part.The leader is a  metal Gripping beast figure. 

This completes the Pictish army ,giving me three Dux Bellorum forces, I'm moving onto the shieldwall armies next, so it will be Romano British and Late Romans over the winter, which should be fun!

They're all sabot based onto 120mm wide MDF bases with balsa cut outs. I've also included the previous mounted Pict skirmishers on their sabot bases and the ordinary Irish riders. 

That was strange, the pictures uploaded in the reverse order! Still better quit while I'm ahead!

All the best Iain