Monday 26 December 2022

Christmas Napoleonic wargame Napoleonic 23

 I can see now but not up close as I have got long vision appropriate for my age, which does mean it's all a bit different on the painting front! I couldn't really see for the first few days after the operation but I still did some painting as I had foolishly decided to paint 150 28mm French infantry/ artillery crew, 96 confederation of the Rhine and some French command between 20th of November and 20th of December, it's possible it's a unit or two too far . Still it was fun trying!

Luckily I'd finished a contract, so I wasn't working and could do day and night shifts, although there was a fair bit of additional stuff to do apart from end of year accounts.  I was still painting and sticking down on bases after we arrived in France , I ended up with 96 Germans painted and 74 French, plus 6 mounted command and a further 74 Imperial guard and 2 guns and crew partially painted and stuck down in time for the game, very loosely based on the second day of Leipzig 1813 , Russians, British ( pretending to be Prussians) and Austrians versus the French, two villages         and          which both sides needed to hold at the end of the game to win and both sides dicing for reinforcements after the first turn 

The basing on the reinforcements, both French and German I'll get around to now the pressure is off and post them together with the Imperial guard and Napoleon once I've properly finished them.   The French took both villages and got their reinforcements in earlier, the Brunswickers managed to throw out a unit of Frnch line from one village, there was an inconclusive cavalry battle in the centre, the Austrians did well against the weaker French right wing on the French left wing it was back and forth against the Russians, the final action being the loss of a unit of Russian grenadiers and we declared it a draw with each army holding a village and with comparable casualties, it was after one am but great fun!

Still trying to adjust to the eyes, I've always only used my phone to post and read/comment and that's proving  more difficult so apologies as I  have dropped behind on my commitments, I  hope you all had a good Christmas and good luck for the new year!

All the best 


Thursday 1 December 2022

Napoleonic Austrian cuirassiers regiment no 1 Kaiser Napoleonic 22

 Here is another unit of Austrian cuirassiers, in order to attempt parity with the French! This time it's cuirassier regiment No 1Kaiser , Perry plastic once again, lovely kit, nice figures, there is another unit of these to assemble ,together with three units of dragoons plus a unit of metal Foundry cuirassiers and then hussars, although there is a unit of hussars already primed, I've just got to get some more infantry done before I'm allowed more cavalry!

They've been repaired and the basing finished, on to French and allies now, although there is liable to be a delay as I go in for a cataract operation this morning and won't be able to see figures for a few days let alone paint them and will in addition need to wear glasses to paint for the first time ever! Maybe I'll regret priming in black after all! I will also not be commenting for a bit either. 

All the best