Friday 20 October 2017

Great Italian wars 15 landsknecht shot

So here we are back in the 16th century, landsknecht shot by Old glory ,really nice figures,full of character  and easy to paint.
A few Perry plastics with metal heads and a couple of Warrior figures, one of which has had a Perry metal head swap, they're more 25mm and I got them to primarily pack out my Ral Partha figures that I started this army with almost 40 years ago!

That's 36 shot done, next up is more French Napoleonic line infantry and a big push on flags for various periods. 
All the best Iain 

Friday 13 October 2017

Competition win!

Jonathan Freitag ran a  competition celebrating five years of his blog. Rather  surprisingly I was one of the winners. Following on from my previous post about planning I chucked that out of the window and started a new period "Arthur and the Anglo saxon wars " it's probably my favourite Osprey book so I used Jonathans voucher at Newline to buy nine late Roman cavalry.
I bought Dux Bellorum by Dan Mersey when it came out and have really fancied it but not had the figures so now I've started ,plus I picked up two german warbands and three packs of late Romans from black Tree Design at colours and a pack of late roman gripping beast plastics and dark age warriors  and a box of footsore Arthur and mounted companions plus various bits and bobs I already had.
So  a new unplanned period beckons, what can I say, I'm weak and I am hoping to use them for lion rampant and maybe saga so that's alright then!
Look at what I won! 
Haven't finished anything recently, decorating my new kitchen has been eating free time and any I have had has been prepping, priming and building but I've had access to a printer so I should be able finish some French napoleonic line infantry soon. 
All the best Iain