Sunday 9 October 2022

Terrain 16 Russian village, bridges and crates

 These Russian buildings are plastic 1 /72 model kits made by Pegasus, who are sadly now out of production.  This is a real pity as I rather like both these buildings and the 1/48 scale farm animals I purchased previously. I didn't bother with the modern looking windows but stuck a bit of balsa in as shutters, so that they can cover a longer period, medieval to modern day? Frankly I thought I could get away with them in dark age Britain! I will use them for bolt action skirmishing and also with my Napoleonics as built up areas.

I want to add a scratch built barn , church and some plastic fencing at some point but for the moment I wanted to get something done, rather than wait and do everything together, plus at one point I was going to need these for an 1812 battle at Christmas but I  think that's all changed, still it means something is completed which is always good!

In addition to  the Russian village here are three scratch built bridges which I rapidly knocked up when we were going to do the siege out of warlords To kill a king until we realised doing the siege of Worcester out of the pike and shot book made more sense, I have finished them off at my leisure and figure they'll be useful for the Danube ( hence the French  cavalry!) campaign, plus you can't have too many bridges, right? Mostly balsa and card, rapidly thrown together with Uhu, they're a bit pissed but I feel it adds to their rustic charm!

Finally some resin crates, purchased at a pre pandemic Salute, back in the mists of time, they'll serve as objectives/ barricades over a large period even if they should be 20th century I guess. 

I forgot I finally finished this sod roofed scratch built shelter which I had mostly built before I  started this blog, good to finish something off!

Up next, I've got three Napoleonic units all almost finished, hopefully I'll get one of them over the line soon!

All the best