Saturday 30 April 2022

French 9th hussars Napoleonic 16

 Here we have the first of two Napoleonic French hussar units, this one is the 9th, pretty uniforms and they were at Wagram so they're in! Perry plastic, they go together nicely, I appear to have done too many colpacks for both units, but who can resist them! Full dress for 1809 in my usual fast and dirty fashion, even so they do take a long time to do, fun though!

I think the out of focus effect just adds to the sense of speed, don't you agree?! Oh well good enough and done, there are more French hussars and  Austrian cuirassiers and infantry in the pipeline, then I really have to knuckle down to some French line infantry as I'm going to be putting a Napoleonic game on when I go to stay with my sister and family over Christmas, supplying both sides, nothing like a deadline to help you focus!
All the best Iain 

Sunday 24 April 2022

French artillery Napoleonic 15

 In an effort to rebalance the arms race between the Austrians and French I have here four French artillery pieces, two six pounders and two howitzers,of course this doubles what the Austrians have and there will now need to be a response ! 

We have three line models,plastic by Victrix, nice detailed models, although unhelpfully they were packaged in the eight/twelve pounder packaging, so the instructions didn't really work but eventually Victrix sent me a link to some instructions and four years ago they got built (we don't like to hurry things do we now?)

 The other piece is a metal Warlord Guard howitzer which I picked up one Sunday evening from the Last Bastion  miniatures shop in Rotherham about six months ago,I was working seven day weeks in Yorkshire and in need of  some retail therapy after work and they open late on Sunday, it's mainly a fantasy/scifi shop but they were very friendly and had some Warlord historical figures, mostly Bolt action, a lot of Napoleonic Prussians ( obviously I thought about starting a new army,as one does!) but there were a couple  of packs I thought would be useful,so I got them( I do try and buy something in a shop that stocks miniatures) a Roman general on a horse with a dog,(which was covered with flash and a bit small) and this artillery piece which seems a little big? The figures are a touch bigger but the gun is enormous compared to the Victrix gun,they were nice and clean figures though ,which is one of the reasons they've been painted! 

I have got the Victrix eight/twelve pounder set to do at some point,but haven't even started building them yet,liable to be some Napoleonic cavalry next,although I am tempted to paint something simple and  non Napoleonic, having said that, these chaps were pretty straightforward for Napoleonics!

Just for Keith, a comparison of Perry and Hat 28mm figures. 

Noticeably slighter but probably alright in their own units I would say?

Finally four casualty markers for my French infantry, Perry plastic from their heavy cavalry sets. The blue is a bit too light but they'll do!

All the best Iain 


Wednesday 13 April 2022

Napoleonic Austrian artillery Napoleonic 14

 Two six pounders for the Austrians,  Perry metal once more, nice but two of the figures were missing their noses!

Easier as there is less white! I  rather like their business like uniforms and old school bicornes!

This bit's for Keith,we popped up to Coventry for the weekend and rather than stay in a hotel we stayed in a rather nicely refurbished 15th century tower from the old city walls, I thought it might be of interest to some?

Next up? More Napoleonics, France has to get even!

All the best Iain 


Friday 8 April 2022

Napoleonic Austrian commanders Napoleonic 13

 Three Perry Austrian metal mounted commanders that I got with a Perry army deal,although their general prices have gone up the army deals have remained at their original cost, worth considering if you actually want to raise an army! Rapidly painted, they might have a (plastic Victrix) colleague added to their base at a later date but for now this gives me at least some Austrian command 

Next up some Austrian artillery support!

All the best Iain