Tuesday 26 February 2019

Terrain 6 Italian wars buildings and earthworks

One of the aims I had for this challenge was to paint up a load of terrain, mainly for my Italian wars, so this is the first post to reflect that.

First up is the Italeri/Warlord plastic church a nice chunky piece originally marketed as a 20mm model by Italeri it's now sold as being for 28mm figures by warlord, you can see the side doors are small but overall it does a job and works for me for the period,I like the tower and the tiled roof. It was bought in warlords pre Christmas sale and given to me by my daughter who also helped build it, it's funny she was quite happy to help build the model but was mortified people would know she enjoyed watching lord of the rings while we did it!

It's also a pretty good match for the church in Kelly's Heroes which as it was shot in what is now Croatia makes sense.

Next up is a tower I'm intending to use as the Castello Mirabello at the battle of Pavia, flying French flags before it's stormed by Imperial troops.

The Bradford City landsknecht officer is for scale, it's a toy castle that I have lightly tarted up, Im rather happy at the way the roof has come out and the verdigris on the towers, it's more for 54mm figures.

Next is field fortifications which are essential in the Italian wars for the Spanish to hide behind when fighting the French!

Six 1'0" sections and two 8" sections and a pile of cheveux de fris

The earthworks are made from rendra gambions (as are the cheveux de fris) bamboo skewers, cardboard and tile adhesive, following the instructions on Olicannalads blog.

So that's them all together, the mix of scales works alright I think. The church is just under two 6"x 6"cubes, the Castello is over two 6"X 6" and the earthworks is about one 6"x 6" cube, so five cubes I think? More terrain further down the line.

All the best Iain

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Great Italian wars 30, Romagnol pike

Here is a unit of Romagnol pike, the best native pike of the Italian wars.

They were prominent in the armies of both the Papacy and Venice, I've shown them with Papal flags but I can easily swap those out for Venetian if needed. These are a mix of mainly Perry plastic mercenaries and the Pro Gloria/Warlord plastics,I wasn't that keen on the plastic landsknechts to start with but I really like the kit now, its given me a nice mix for an early 16th century unit. There are also some Foundry landsknechts and conquistadors mixed into the unit. There's also a few Artizan dopplesoldiers.

They've been great fun to paint (in the colours of my football team, Arsenal) and even though they're late, they were meant for the mercenary bonus round, I'm glad to have them. Thirty six 28mm figures and four flags and yes looking at the photos I realise I need to touch up the edges of the flags! The flags are from the excellent Pete's flags.
I have also painted a landsknecht commander on a single base.

He's a warlord games metal command figure,it was fun just painting one figure!

All the best Iain

Previously posted on the Analogue Hobbies challenge