Thursday 31 March 2022

Napoleonic Austrian cuirassier regiment no 6 Napoleonic 12

 These are cuirassier regiment no 6 Mack, assembled from the Perry plastic kit, nice to put together and I'm pretty happy with the white and how the unit has come out overall, I found an expensive liquatex artists acrylic with masses of pigment in the shed and tried that, when I am priming Austrians next I'll do it in white as I  have followed David's ( in the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge) advice and bought some contrast paints, but as I have a ton in black and grey, I'll stick to my new white for a bit though!

I like cavalry as I just bash out the horses rapidly, I'm in the middle of another unit of plastic cuirassiers, the trouble is I'm painting so many cavalry units that I'm going to have to expand my infantry numbers,mission creep? I guess so! Some Austrian artillery and command along soon.

All the best Iain 


Tuesday 22 March 2022

1809 Salzburg Landwehr Napoleonic 11

 Here is another Landwehr unit, Salzburg,next to no white but yellow facings. These are mostly Perry bodies with Victrix heads. The officer is a Perry plastic Confederate as are the drum,drummers arms and flagpole and arms with Victrix bodies.

A casualty marker for last weeks lower Austrian Landwehr  and a generic Austrian Infantry marker,as I decided I would like the Salzburg marker to be wearing the right hat!

Flag by Victrix once more, the older pattern used by Landwehr. I'm getting used to painting the flagpole as it doesn't take as long now!

Working on some Austrian cavalry next,lets see how we go.

All the best 


Thursday 10 March 2022

Lower Austrian Landwehr Napoleonic 10

 Lower Austrian Landwehr unit in grey. Victrix plastic figures, slightly more exaggerated than Perry ,nice to paint, they started out as Vienna Volunteers but I couldn't face painting their breeches white,so they're Lower Austrian Landwehr, all in grey!

I will have to do the Vienna Volunteers at some point I guess, but not just yet. Flag from Victrix, a 1792 one, the officer shouldn't really have a sash at this period in the Landwehr but I didn't want to butcher such a lovely characterful figure, almost finished the next unit of Landwehr, so you should see them next week.

All the best