Monday 4 September 2017

19th century Italian uniform book and project management

So here are some photos of a book I picked up in Florence about 20 years ago that I mentioned on Jonathan Freitag's blog (palouse wargaming journal) some time ago when my books were in storage. 
 Well they're out of storage although not in a proper order as we are (and have been) in the midst of building work for the last six months and my shed has been press ganged into storage.The text is in Italian but the illustrations are anotated in English so that if you already had a more general history you should be able to work it out, it's copiously illustrated in black and white with some nice colour illustrations as well.
I think it's a pretty good book for this period,especially if the Ospreys aren't cutting the mustard!

Additionally on Jonathan's blog he discussed project management in relation to this hobby, having been inspired by Prufrock (Here's no great matter) and further developed by Natholeon (Natholeon's Empires) I find other peoples approach interesting so here is mine.
 It seems a little odd to be applying such terms to a hobby but we are necessarily in the buisiness of producing armies, so my current range of projects are:

Great Italian wars, 28mm as all of my figures are, well on the way to having a playable force, over 350 painted and based infantry at least 4 stands of gendarmes, 6 artillery pieces,4 wagons, command stands and a unit of stradiots .I could do with more light cavalry and probably gendarmes,which I have, it's taken 4 years to get to this level for me which I'm happy about,2 years of primarily painting Italian wars, in the last year other periods have crept in.

Napoleonic, French and Austrian for the 1809 campaign 3 x 24 figure infantry units painted one unit painted and based, 5 x 24 figureinfantry, 5 x 12 figure cavalry units assembled and primed 3 x cannon and crew assembled ,all French. I figured I'd better start this now if I've any chance of finishing it before I die!I see yhis picking up the slack as the Italian wars wind down, well maybe!

Bolt action soviets, my nephews who I play with are both into bolt action so I'm kind of going along with them, nothing even assembled yet but units that are primarily  one colour hold some appeal!

War of three kingdoms,English civil war, I have a basically complete Covenanters army and 5 painted generic Royalist/Parliamentarians regiments awaiting basing, needing cavalry and artillery, nice to dip into and the period I play most.

War of the Roses, I have 3 basic Impetus armies painted, awaiting basing, they are individually based at the moment doing double duty for Lion Rampant.

Frostgrave, resurrected 1970's/ 1980's figures for D&D painted in enamel by teenage me needing basing.

What I tend to do is just grab any little bit of time and do something and it's surprising what gets done, previously I'd try and wait fir a decent amount of time which never really came around and I'd get fed up, so now I'm little and often, it seem's to work for me!

As there seemed to be lots of words I thought I'd chuck in 2 wargaming related pictures from the summer, Chepstow castle, a lovely castle, maintained just enough and Cropredy folk festival ,where you get to camp on a battlefield!
All the best Iain