Wednesday 30 August 2023

A German church for the Danube campaign 1809 terrain 20

 Last bit of August  terrain, can you tell I  work to last minute  deadlines! 

On the Lead adventure forum there is a chap who posts his terrain builds called Jimbibbly his blog is jimbibblyblog, he hasn't posted on his blog for a while and it's been a while since I was on LAF but I guess he's still doing stuff, he's a professional terrain builder, Oshiro models I think.  There is a thread on LAF of European builds on 300mm/1'0" square bases which are Napoleonic terrain commissions he's done which are exquisite. 

His designs are drawn up in Rhino a 3d architectural package then laser cut and are all bespoke one offs.

 I think they're great so I've decided to try and emulate them using HO railway models, broken toys that my sister was going to throw out from the charity shop in France that she works in ( only for my nephew to say Iain would like that rubbish! True enough!) oh and foamboard, cat litter, stirrers, plastic sheet, Christmas decorations and hardboard. 

The French cast offs are the last image and are combined with half built, half timbered medieval builds and some laser cut Christmas buildings I picked up cheap after the holidays one year.

The church is a Faller railway model I got up without a base or door, I fabricated a replacement door from balsa. The slate roof on the entrance to the yard is one of the few remnants of my airfix waterloo building set from my childhood so I thought I should use it, the tiles are off cuts from my renaissance Italian buildings (now that I have finally finished them!) and the charnal house is another French discarded toy that I have filled the walls in with balsa. 

I've also copied the set up being two 300mm x 150mm pieces that can be swapped around, used separately and are easier to store, which as I continue churning out terrain is going to be an issue!

The prototype was the Aspen Church and while this isn't it I'm happy that this works for the 1809 Danube campaign, I also liked the idea in another set up of a church being angled as opposed to straight up and down so I have adopted that too, here with some previously painted French for scale. 

Keith seems concerned ( quite reasonably!) about the size of the terrain I've done but at least these two slot together!

They're on top of my ongoing 28mm ruined art deco cinema box which I doubt I'll finish in August but has definitely benefited from Dave's season of scenery!

Next up,more Napoleonics probably or maybe even more terrain?

All the best 


Tuesday 29 August 2023

A great Italian wars roof and some more bolt action bits and bobs, terrain 19

 So I finally finished the last remaining roof for my Italian wars/ Mediterranean buildings , a surprising amount of offering up and cutting especially as I didn't have enough to do each side but done now, in a darker colour than the first batch but that's alright I think. ( in spite of one side being upside down!)

In addition I've built some scatter terrain for bolt action to go inside a factory, I'm building the doorway and windows as separate ruins so that I can adjust the size and store them easier. They are as usual an eclectic mix of tamiya 1/35 wehrmacht kitchen wagons, I thought they looked vaguely industrial, I'm thinking no roof rain, so rust and a bit of greenery . Plus some sort of toy grain store I'm using as a kind of water tank.  A gas fitting that I thought looked chunky and industrial in this scale? Finally a couple of bases with oil drims and broken bits of mdf sprues.  There's various 1/35 and 1/72 bits strewn all over the bases which are spare mighty empire bases that I have a pile of, this post clearly proves hanging onto things for decades is a good thing, right Stew?

Bolt action Soviets for scale, next up Terrain? Napoleonics? Napoleonic terrain? Once more thanks Dave for clearing more stuff out with your season of scenery and clearly I work best with a deadline!

All the best 


Saturday 26 August 2023

Bolt action buildings Terrain 18

 Another bolt action terrain piece, this time a a pair of semi detached houses with some kind of gardens and again originally started for space marines but completed for bolt action and like the previous building they've more neo classical. Brick walls 1/35 tamiya as before, chimney covered in 1/76 plastic sheet and the rest foamboard, stirrers, cat litter and matchsticks. 

The fencing is 1/35 tamiya  as well the fireplace surrounds are some piece of plastic moulding that I kept as I thought it might work for something like this. I  added the shrapnel damage to the front at the last minute, easy to do and I think pretty effective.  Another geriatric terrain piece completed thanks to Daves season of scenery, I'm trying to get a bit more done before the end if the month!
All the best

Tuesday 1 August 2023

Italian line infantry 2nd regiment Napoleonic 38

 Here we have the 2nd regiment of the  Kingdom of Italy. These are Victrix plastic figures that were built eight or nine yesrs ago which has given me time to recover from the traumatic build, where every single bit of plastic had to be cleaned! They were primed some time ago in grey halfords primer and as I now prime in black I figured that as I haven't painted any Austrians for a while I should paint them as white coated Italians, a sloppy wet brush of white and then I gave the flesh areas a wash of liquatex umber acrylic ink so that the flesh highlights would be similar to how I finish my black primed figures.  I also used liquatex acrylic ink for the brown backpacks and all the black as it's faster than paint and they're pretty economical too. The Royal Italian army has quite a complicated range of facings, luckily it's very clearly explained on the Perry French infantry 1807-1814 pamphlet you get with their infantry box, that's also the source of the flag, in spite of the difficulty of assembly they're actually nice figures to paint, which is good as three more white coated Italian battalions are in the pipeline!

Still got lots of Napoleonic units lining up although I have been bitten a bit by the terrain bug and the shed is strewn with various half finished ( or less!) projects, still all good fun!

All the best