Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Napoleonic 6, French dragoons 28th Regiment

 We have another Napoleonic French dragoon unit ,multipose plastic from Perry Miniatures, lovely figures which I've enjoyed painting. 

Same as before, primed black and then painting the colour as a highlight. I painted these horses and 36 others in an evening with a kind of wet brushing, fast and dirty and then clean the tack up with black at a later date, thought that might be of interest to you Keith as I know you have one or two horses to do!

The close ups are pretty harsh but I'm happy enough with them, this takes me to three dragoon regiments, red,yellow and orange facings so far, I think I will do one more,probably pink but not for a while, I have Austrian Napoleonic cavalry on the painting table but some French Napoleonic hussars have swaggered onto the painting tray. I'm also assembling lots of Austrian cavalry and infantry, mostly plastic, so a little less painting but all still hobby time!
All the best 

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Napoleonic 5 7th French dragoons

 Well, it's taken a while to actually finish these chaps( although much faster than the previous dragoon unit) mainly it's been down to work and then spending every weekend looking at university towns for my daughter. I have enjoyed painting them and they've come out pretty well, again black undercoat and a  rapid coat of the various colours. I  attach a work in progress image of my painting tray and paint box with my mix of paints. I've started using sticks to attach my figures to which is  helping to speed up painting ,suggested by various bloggers and I'm glad I took they're collective advice!

As you can see there are more dragoons in the pipeline, both French and Austrian, I seem to be enjoying Napoleonic cavalry at the moment so I'll stick with it, although in the shed various other projects are bubbling along!

I had to do a little conversion work on the trumpeter as he had given up his legs in boots to a cuirassier ( well you would, wouldn't you?!) so spare hussar overall legs were press ganged into use as there are various images of dragoons in overalls. My reference for this lot was these 2 pamphlets which cost me 50p each I think,  I've got the Ospreys but they're bound in a six volume set which while nice and large,isn't very handy for painting on the sofa!

As I've said next is probably more French dragoons, probably!

All the best Iain 

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

A nice present

 My brother came around the other day to drop off a present, he'd found these books on WW2 and was sure I would like them and I did,printed in 1975 they still have a load of information in them and are great fun to browse. 

There is a nice range from artillery to small arms in exhaustive detail, perfect for scratch building Great patriotic war artillery, I fear another rabbit hole!
Otherwise I continue to paint but seem to have a myriad of half done projects, no doubt my focus has waned following the end of the Analogue painting challenge, plus work is mental for the moment,  but this will pass and I will be back on track!
All the best 

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Napoleonic 4 a big bunch of cuirassiers

 Here we have 4 x 12 figure units of Napoleonic French cuirassiers, one unit each of red,yellow, orange and  pink facings, all Perry plastic for 1812 to 1815 ( although I will use them for the 1809 Danube campaign, I know heresy,but you've got to catch me before you can burn me!) The flags will have to wait  a while until a printer can help me out, I've taken  Peter's aka Gonzalos advice and gone for flags even if they're not yet evident. 

Lovely iconic figures,I've gone for the reversed colours on the trumpeters as I prefer it to the Imperial livery.  These are made up of 3 boxes plus the 3 additional armoured  torsos added to 3 spare dragoon legs and  horses, plus I swapped out a dragoon trumpeters legs for overalls  and  converted a light horse and purchased an additional command stand. I've really quite enjoyed painting them,48 at one go might be too many but it does improve efficiency, which is what the hobby is all about isn't it? Oh, what no, okay anyway much easier painting uniforms, who knew? I've also gone a bit simpler on the painting in order to get these done and for future Napoleonics, prime black and then used that black as shadow, so no shadow, no highlight no wash,no white dry brushing on the black ,so pretty simple but effective enough I think, I've got to do this or I will literally never finish just the Napoleonics I have, let alone the additional ones I'm bound to purchase!

In addition there are 2 French Napoleonic generals, well  Marshal Lannes and general Lasalle, both Perry metal figures I bought myself for Christmas, well my wife and daughter refused to buy me miniatures, so I got them, wrapped them and put them under the tree,from santa! 

I've always wanted a figure of Lasalle since getting military illustrated 4 or 5 which had an article on him illustrated by Angus McBride, so here he is, Marshal Lannes will probably get someone else added to his command stand but I just wanted to get him done for  now ,of course both these commanders don't make sense with 1812 cuirassiers as they both died in 1809!

What next? Not sure, I've got lots primed but now the Analogue hobbies painting challenge is over a little less pressure to paint them, I might even do some terrain?

All the best Iain 

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Italian wars 48 Venetian versus Papal States To the strongest AAR

 A real live battle, half term and I've had a week between jobs, my daughter and I decided we should have a battle, so we dug out the Venetian and Papal armies and went to it once more with To the strongest! I had the Papal force as my daughter prefers the Foundry gendarmes of the Venetian army. The newly painted gendarmes will go towards  French and Imperial armies that I want to try To the strongest with the renaissance notes,maybe after I stumble through it I'll persuade my daughter to have a go?

When I say a battle we had to give up half way through  due to the need to have the table for dinner (I'd moved it inside as it was cold in the shed and I'm a considerate parent,who knew?! You can see the shed we normally play in at the bottom of the garden, beyond the Papal force) we had reached a  point where I had destroyed two skirmisher units but due to the Venetians more aggressive actions I had managed to leave my gendarmes on my left wing split and due to the fall of  cards sitting in charge range, battering and disorder ensued, so we know how this game was going!

Still it was nice to push toy soldiers around against a live opponent, even if we didn't get to a result( probably best for me!)

Toby is,alas, not such a  great live opponent as he is even more aggressive than my daughter but more interested in what he can eat than anything else. Coming up, well there's lots of half painted Napoleonic cavalry, which seems to be taking quite a long time but I'm strangely enjoying!

All the best Iain