Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Great Italian wars 30, Romagnol pike

Here is a unit of Romagnol pike, the best native pike of the Italian wars.

They were prominent in the armies of both the Papacy and Venice, I've shown them with Papal flags but I can easily swap those out for Venetian if needed. These are a mix of mainly Perry plastic mercenaries and the Pro Gloria/Warlord plastics,I wasn't that keen on the plastic landsknechts to start with but I really like the kit now, its given me a nice mix for an early 16th century unit. There are also some Foundry landsknechts and conquistadors mixed into the unit. There's also a few Artizan dopplesoldiers.

They've been great fun to paint (in the colours of my football team, Arsenal) and even though they're late, they were meant for the mercenary bonus round, I'm glad to have them. Thirty six 28mm figures and four flags and yes looking at the photos I realise I need to touch up the edges of the flags! The flags are from the excellent Pete's flags.
I have also painted a landsknecht commander on a single base.

He's a warlord games metal command figure,it was fun just painting one figure!

All the best Iain

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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Great Italian wars 29, hinchcliffe wagon and organ gun

Back in the distant day of the 1970s,pre Thatcher, before mobile phones or home computers no internet just cefax and books there were already various ranges of gendarmes and landsknechts about, minifigs,Ral Partha both 25mm and the slightly larger hinchcliffe range.
Last challenge,no the challenge before (how time flies!) I painted some hinchcliffe gendarmes and Curt was kind enough to paint one for me following our Rennaisance duel.
What we have here is a great fun little model of a wagon for the Great Italian wars,a German peasants wagon based on a contemporary woodcut from the triumph of Maximilian.
The model actually comes with the shoemaker,a chap with a wheelbarrow,three donkeys and a peddler.
It's a pretty big lump of lead and arrived without the characterful waggoner,Ian Hinds (who now manufacturers hinchcliffe figures) was excellent in sending out a replacement as he was featured in the photo on the site but did not arrive, excellent customer service. The load,children and lady in green are also part of the kit,I was reminded of the folk song"little sir Hugh" after painting her so I don't give the kids much chance if they end up anywhere that nobody can hear them scream! I do think that the design of the wagon is a little large,especially if you compare it to the Perry wagon I have previously painted, it's also a little odd that the superstructure appears to be made of branches and not joinery,having said that it seems a little churlish as there is something like 40 years between the two designs,it's also a really characterful piece.

  The organ gun is another hinchcliffe piece as is three of the crew, the fourth ,the portly chap slaking his thirst was part of an eBay purchase so I'm not that sure,maybe redoubt?

That's both the bases I've done this week, the gun and a gun I did for a previous challenge actually came with a two horse,four wheeled wagon,so I have those yet to do! Hinchcliffe,or Ian Hinds are going to have a sale in February,worth checking out,certainly for wagons and guns!
I think this adds up to 4x28mm horses,6x28mm figures and 2x 15mm for the children? The gun is a crew served weapon and the wagon is I guess a 28mm vehicle? 84 points? Some period appropriate terrain next, oh and I guess these should count towards the Rennaisance duel too.
All the best Iain

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Monday, 14 January 2019

Great Italian wars 28 Command stands

First post of the year , finally I've got something painted! Six 28mm command figures, a mix of Warlord games and Artizan, one stand has s later figures burgonets and a pistol! Both of the flag bearers are from the Warlord plastic landsknecht set, although one set of arms came from the Perry plastic mercenary set,I've got a pike block coming up that's a mix of the Warlord and Perry sets, I didn't really fancy the Warlord plastics to start with but I rather liked them when I started assembling them. The Artizan figures are nice and chunky and were straightforward to paint. The flags are downloaded from the free kreigspiel site and are the arms of various German cities, I can of course swap them out for other Imperial, Italian or even treacherous French flags!

So that's the earlier command stand,I quite like the flag bearer, with his hair it looks like he's from a motorcycle patch club!

And that's both command stands together, do I really need any more command stands? Possibly not, but I've got the figures so they'll get painted, what I really need is light cavalry but don't hold your breath as it's one thing I haven't started this challenge, foolishly I've started a number of things at the same time! What was I thinking! 
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Coming up more Italian wars figures
All the best Iain

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Terrain 5 Christmas trees!

It's been a while, I' ve been busy doing hobby stuff,I just haven't finished anything! Last Christmas in the new kitchen we thought we'd have a little Christmas tree in there in addition to the one in the living room,so we picked up one second hand from a charity shop for about a fiver.
This year it was deemed surplus to requirements ,however I retrieved it before it made it to the bin,out with the aviation snips and the hole cutter and I then have 21 trees,they're by no means the best model trees but en mass they do a job and I still have another 50 left!

Here they are with some of my Soviets,I'll probably do a load more for winter as there isn't much to them,once I have the base(with a hole in the middle from the hole cutter) I stick some masking tape on the underside and then uhu the tree in with the base vertical,then when that's gone off I trim the tree at the bottom (so it doesn't look like the branches go all the way to the ground) and a bit of a haircut at the top to give it shape,PVA sand/gravel emulsion paint and a bit of cheap flock I had lying around and then snow to taste,I might base some with my Italian wars finish and call them cypress. For the price and effort I'm well happy,I also plan on doing some more on CDs a la Stew, I'll stuff the trees into some offcuts of foam board and then glue that to the CDs. I'm also working on some more conventional model trees and prepping for the Analogue Hobbies challenge which starts on the 21st.
All the best Iain

Friday, 26 October 2018

Great Italian wars 27 landsknechts flagtastick!(TM)

I've finally managed to get some flags onto my blocks of landsknecht pikemen. You will notice the chaps from the last post and the levelled pikemen from a couple of posts back together with all my other landsknecht pikemen.
Once again the flags are free downloads from Warflag and krigsspil with the edges touched up.
There are Artizan,Foundry ,Old Glory, Warlord and some unknown eBay chunky types.
I've based the units on this illustration from Funkens Age of Chivalry volume three.

That was the image that I had in mind when I started these pike blocks,Im pretty happy with how they have turned out,I'm working on a similar type of pike block with levelled,angled and vertical pikes for a Swiss force, Perry plastics and others, great fun!
Mostly cleaning up genitors and stradiots when I'm not working on pikemen,no one near getting painted for a while but I do have further flagtastick outings planned!
All the best Iain