Monday 28 November 2022

Napoleonic Austrian Infantry regiment no 46 Chasteler Galician Napoleonic 21

 First white primed Austrian Infantry unit, what do we think? Infantry regiment no 46 Chasteler Galician Perry plastic, lot's more of these lads to do!

Infantry regiment no 46 they're the first battalion so they're carrying the Leibfahne( the Colonel's colour), I think it's a decent, subtle finish, the only trouble is I rely on the black primer to cover all the other ramel , I can't get to/ be bothered with, priming with white means you have that to sort out,which adds to  time per figure, which I simply  don't  have! As I  said I've got lot's primed white so they'll be finished like this but I wouldn't bother priming white again, it will probably be black or maybe grey with an agrax wash for future white uniforms. 

As an added extra we had another game of Blackpowder, Austrians came up short but did get rid of a brigade of French heavy cavalry, I just found assaulting a built up area a bit too  tough and looking online found others in agreement so maybe a house rule or two is in order, gradually getting a hand on the ruleset and just having fun rolling die and pushing figures around!

This unit took part with incomplete basing, an Austrian cuirassier unit with incomplete basing joined them, unfortunately I had to do a bit of emergency braking on the way to the club and a number of units experienced a certain amount of breakages, I was glad it was a mostly plastic force! Various French cuirassiers were unhorsed and decapitated and the new Austrian cuirassiers sustained some damage, once they're repaired and based I'll put them up.
All the best 

Tuesday 15 November 2022

French Napoleonic infantry regiment no 105 ,some command and another Blackpowder game Napoleonic 20

 Here we have a unit of Victrix Napoleonic French 1807-1814 , they've actually painted up rather nicely and I am pretty happy with them, although I can not erase the memory of assembling them and how the air was turned blue by the vast amount of clean up every single component part required, which when you are doing 120 of them can be soul destroying! By contrast I have cleaned up rather more of the same  period French infantry plastic by the Perry's and they we're actually pretty pleasant to do. The Victrix figures have got really characterful faces and managed not to suffer the fate of newly painted figures, hanging on till the bitter end in the latest game. 

I know I need to touch up the flag edges, I've also tried to speed up the basing mixing the sharp sand in with pva and the emulsion basing colour, not entirely successful but not too bad when you're in a hurry! The casualty marker is a Perry plastic casualty figure from their French heavy cavalry horse sprues with a warbase square surround for a 7mm die.

In addition I  needed to paint up two French command stands and an Austrian, these chaps were rapidly knocked out on the Saturday night before the Sunday club game, I also finished off the French unit, having a quiet night in ,while my wife went to the corn exchange to relive her youth watching Suzie and the budgies  and  The Cure cover bands at least I felt better the next morning! 

We tried out a few more rules,and had a first go with built up areas,it was a close run battle, all the French cuirassier brigade were on zero stamina by the end but the Austrians ended up with two broken brigades and  couldn't last out, we adopted the rule that infantry can not do a triple move and shoot( thanks Norm!) Although thinking about it, it might have happened anyway and I think some others from Chasseur's blog and we used cm instead of inches which was beneficial on a 6' x4' board and still gave a good game.

John supplied the fencing and walls, I was thinking that the buildings aren't Germanic enough, I've got some stuff to make some late 18th century Southern German built up areas but I fear it will have to wait until after the Christmas game, unless I find I have lots of time!

The two French commanders are Perry and the Austrian is Eagle maybe? I picked him up at the last Salute as the stall stocking Perry metal figures didn't have enough space, so didn't bother with Napoleonic Austrians , which was made more irritating by the show being half empty! The Perry figures are excellent as always and I think the Eagle figures paints up well enough? I have some more Austrian 12lb cannons from Eagle to paint up at some point as Perry don't do any.

Next up, probably more Austrians, then more French and French allies as they're a bit faster than French line and as my Austrians will be added to my nephews British and Russian at Christmas, the French will definitely need reinforcing!

All the best