Saturday 11 January 2020

A post from the AHPC 10 sci fi and fantasy

I have posted a couple of figures on the analogue hobbies painting challenge which I'm taking part in again and just for a change I've painted a games Workshop gang member for their Necromundia game. (from last century but they have rereleased it recently)
Its a  nicely sculpted figure, I haven't painted anything non historical for over a  decade and have no real plans to do any more but here he is as a diversion I guess?

Following on from the redemptionist is a palaquin of Nurgle, an old school warhammer type model which I am offering up as my contribution to the challenge.  Once more this was a fun thing to do but I am back painting troops now!
Next up will probably be some terrain I have been working on for over a year on and off and is finally finished!

All the best Iain