Monday 16 September 2019

To the strongest! 2 London Grand Tournament

First up, I needed two light infantry handgun units to finish off my Venetian Condatta army, two six man units,old glory, nice and easy to paint, lots of character.

They complete my Venetian army.
Here it is:

One command of a deep pike unit with attached general, a raw militia spear unit and three light handgun units (including the two new ones).
Second command of two units of later knights, a unit of mounted crossbow men a unit of Stratdios ( veteran javelin armed) and attached general.
Third command of two units of later knights,a unit of mounted crossbow men  a unit of Stratdios ( veteran javelin armed) and an attached senior general.
First game was up against  Simon (the author of the rules) with his Milanese Condatta army, so historical opponents, unsurprisingly I lost, but I had great fun and learnt to garrison my camp in future!
Next game was against a Nikephorian Byzantine army led by another Simon, which literally ran rings around me and I also found my later knights bouncing off his Varagnian guard,a good time had by all, another loss.
Third game I was up against King Arthur's knights led by Ian,in the guise of, feudal French,lots  of knights,this time I clung onto a draw, mainly down to the resilience of my later knights , should have lost!
Fourth and final game was against Gareth's WOTR Yorkist army, I didn't think I'd used my infantry and especially my deep pike block enough in the previous games and with a little more understanding of the game and a lot of luck I actually managed to win a game!
All the armies were nicely painted and a really nice crowd with lots of helpful advice from people who know the rules inside and out.
A very good way to spend the day in a lovely building, plus I got to see a mate who was playing in the guildball tournament.
Next up? Probably terrain,it seems to be taking a long time!
Best Iain