Friday, 14 July 2017

Great Italian wars 12 command stands

Today I have a few command stands to post, playing warlord games pike and shot you always seem to need lots. I'll be moving on to more senior commanders next ,essentially a commander and a flag bearer. I'm going to have to address flags soon and then I might be able to have a game, of course I could do with some  mounted crossbow men and jinetes , anyway here they are two foundry one perry all nice to paint. One  (from the perry Italian command set )maybe a little early but he's a  nice figure and close enough for the early years.
All the best Iain

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Great Italian wars 11 The baggage train.

Here we have a number of wagons, oxen, donkeys and drovers. The first one is the  Perry ox wagon, it's a lovely kit and I've painted it without messing about with it at all. I have kept the oxen separate so that I can have the wagons laager in a camp with the oxen separate. The other 3 wagons are warbase mdf kits which at £3.50 a pop and I think even less for the flatbed version are a bargain. Ive given all 3 of them a central pole,so that I can share the oxen around which are Perry and Irregular  (the small chaps) I've always done a bit of wire lashing here and there and on the flat bed I've added wicker sides and a bit of framing. I was inspired by Fitz -Badger on his tales of mirth blog to add the donkeys, 3 I think I've had since 1979/80 I think one might be a citadel piece, no idea about the other two although they came with a dwarf each. The remaining 3 donkeys while designed in the 70s I got from Ian Hinds together with a landsknecht wagon from hinchcliffe, the subject of a further post.

The drovers are a mixture of hinchcliffe and Perry, all the loads are detachable, they are a combination of various 1/35 tank and figure accessories. 

Here are a couple of wips to show you what I was doing. 
Some command next and maybe something not renaissance after that 
All the best Iain 

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Papal command great Italian wars 10

Here are a couple of Papal command stands. They are Perry 's religious pack and one of the mounted Italian command , all lovely figures, possibly the white and black contrast is too much but they're  done now!

As I'm always interested in people's work stations, I thought I'd share mine and some indication of what's coming next. 

I get these out and pack them away and keep them in the living room, it's a bit more social than going off elsewhere and means I can always get something done even if it's only 15 minutes a time, chipping away little and often!
All the best Iain