Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Great Italian wars 14 Last of the Spanish and a command stand

Here we have the last Spanish colonela, these are predominantly old glory with Warrior packing out the pikes including some head swaps with Perry plastics which just about work, even though Warrior are more 25mm really. I mainly got them so that I can finally finish my 25mm Ral Partha units(that were  started in about 1979! ), at 40p each it's certainly the cheapest option, I was buying them second hand on ebay for 50p each and then found out on the home site you could buy a landsknecht army of 100 figures for  £40! They're not bad, although the limited poses is a bit difficult once you get away from pikemen.

I know flags, it'll happen honest and when it does I'll post all four units! The command stand is foundry and are lovely figures. 

Well that's me for now I'm prepping more Swiss, landsknechts and carts! I should be doing stradiots ,mounted crossbow men and genitors but hey ho! 
Best Iain 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Great Italian wars 13 another Spanish colonela

Third time lucky, I keep losing this post when I try to upload more than one photo, anyway here we have the third of four Spanish colonelas the fourth unit is jostling with some french napoleonic line infantry and more Italian wars command to see who's next! These are once again old glory and foundry conquistadors and a couple of Perry plastics who have made up the numbers. All of them have been fun to paint. I really must address the absence of flags and once I have some I'll post all four units with flags flying!

Don't really know why the last photo got out of sync, it was the first! 
All the best Iain 

Friday, 14 July 2017

Great Italian wars 12 command stands

Today I have a few command stands to post, playing warlord games pike and shot you always seem to need lots. I'll be moving on to more senior commanders next ,essentially a commander and a flag bearer. I'm going to have to address flags soon and then I might be able to have a game, of course I could do with some  mounted crossbow men and jinetes , anyway here they are two foundry one perry all nice to paint. One  (from the perry Italian command set )maybe a little early but he's a  nice figure and close enough for the early years.
All the best Iain

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Great Italian wars 11 The baggage train.

Here we have a number of wagons, oxen, donkeys and drovers. The first one is the  Perry ox wagon, it's a lovely kit and I've painted it without messing about with it at all. I have kept the oxen separate so that I can have the wagons laager in a camp with the oxen separate. The other 3 wagons are warbase mdf kits which at £3.50 a pop and I think even less for the flatbed version are a bargain. Ive given all 3 of them a central pole,so that I can share the oxen around which are Perry and Irregular  (the small chaps) I've always done a bit of wire lashing here and there and on the flat bed I've added wicker sides and a bit of framing. I was inspired by Fitz -Badger on his tales of mirth blog to add the donkeys, 3 I think I've had since 1979/80 I think one might be a citadel piece, no idea about the other two although they came with a dwarf each. The remaining 3 donkeys while designed in the 70s I got from Ian Hinds together with a landsknecht wagon from hinchcliffe, the subject of a further post.

The drovers are a mixture of hinchcliffe and Perry, all the loads are detachable, they are a combination of various 1/35 tank and figure accessories. 

Here are a couple of wips to show you what I was doing. 
Some command next and maybe something not renaissance after that 
All the best Iain 

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Papal command great Italian wars 10

Here are a couple of Papal command stands. They are Perry 's religious pack and one of the mounted Italian command , all lovely figures, possibly the white and black contrast is too much but they're  done now!

As I'm always interested in people's work stations, I thought I'd share mine and some indication of what's coming next. 

I get these out and pack them away and keep them in the living room, it's a bit more social than going off elsewhere and means I can always get something done even if it's only 15 minutes a time, chipping away little and often!
All the best Iain 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Italian wars 9 Spanish Colonela

So here are two units, colonela of Spanish troops for the great Italian wars a mixed arms unit of pike, sword and buckler men and shot. The first unit is mostly old glory figures with the pike padded out with Warrior pikemen who have had some Perry plastics head swaps. I got the Warrior figures primarily to fill out my Ral Partha 25mm units but as they are on the larger side of 25mm I'm happy to mix them in with the more expensive old glory figures.
The second unit is a mix of old glory pike and sword and buckler men with the odd Perry plastics to fill that out. The shot are made of Foundry figures from their conquistadors range again with a Perry plastic to finish off a unit. The foundry figures are lovely to paint, I have to say that the old glory are also pretty good.

I realise that there is a variation in the colours of the basing, I think the first base is a bit too late but I'll live with it. I still need to sort out flags for these chaps and lots of the Italian wars units . I'm still working on the baggage train and napoleonic french, although there are another couple of Spanish colonela to come. 
All the best Iain 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Great Italian wars 8, pike and crossbow

So I've finally finished three pike blocks that I will use as French,Swiss, Italian maybe even Scottish for Flodden, might be pushing it a bit but close enough in my book! There are also  some more crossbow men for the French. Actually looking at them I think they would be pretty good for Marignano as far as the  style is concerned, a little old fashioned but close enough.
The figures are all Perry plastics mercenaries/bills and bows  boxes with a smattering of metal Perry Swiss and 16th century heads , they are my favourite plastic figures by some way. They all will need flags of one kind or another too.

Next? Maybe the Spanish? Or some napoleonic French or a baggage train? 
All the best Iain