Monday, 17 April 2017

Italian wars 5 artillery

First post of Italian wars  figures that haven't been painted during the challenge! Four foundry guns and crew and two guns crewed by Old glory with the guns supplied by Irregular and Warrior, the Warrior gun is the old fashioned iron gun and not the up to date bronze one's, I have to say I rather like it.

 More Italian wars in the works, possibly some napoleonic and a couple of books. 
All the best 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Great Italian Wars 4 Gendarmes and crossbowmen

Another and indeed the final recycled post from the challenge.
We have here 3 units of Gendarmes with French flags and mostly made up of Foundry figures, I have to admit to pinching the colour schemes of a number of these wholesale from James "Olicana "Roach whos Italian Wars collection is frankly fantastic.
The balance of the figures were made up of ebay purchases of unknown origin on Warlord plastic horses with Perry horse heads and armour from their MAA plastic set, I didn't use their horses as they ,while lovely, are just too dynamic and tall for the venerable Foundry Gendarmes. I have to admit that I think the Foundry Gendarmes are the best of the ones I have painted although the Old Glory are also pretty good and for the price can't be beaten. Ive got one more unit to paint , a right dogs dinner of manufacturers but once I've finished them I might photograph all my current Gendarmes together.
The first three photos show the conversions.

In addition I have some crossbowmen that were also part of the challenge, Perry plastic with the addition of 16th century europian heads and Swiss heads. It's a lovely kit that I actually enjoy assembling. The pikemen in the background I'm basing up at the moment together with some more crossbowmen.

Next up some Italian wars artillery and then a landsknecht pike block I think.
All the best

Sunday, 9 April 2017

This post isn't a recycled challenge post but is of some 28mm artillery for my War of Three Kingdoms/ECW Covenanter Army . There is a Warlord games Saker and a couple of Minifigs guns, the crews are mostly converted Warlord plastics with the odd Foundry and Essex figure thrown in .There is also a Minifigs Master Gunner that I have had for forever , or so it seems! The frame guns are scratch built around some smaller scale barrels I picked up on ebay.

These came out a bit fuzzy but since then I think I've got a better idea of how to focus on the figures! Fankly I seem to get better results with my phone as opposed to my digital SLR.
They are part of my first historical army I painted this century, I'm debating wether to rebase all the pike and shot as I've done them on big bases purely for pike and shot. I'm working on a universal/generic WTK/ECW army (change the flags/change the army) and all of those figures are on 1p for skirmish and I am planning sabot bases, 4 per 45mm x 45mm so that I can use them for pike and shot /pikemans lament or anything else.
Next up more Italian Wars either artillery or gendarmes.
All the best

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Great Italian wars 3 stradiots and gendarmes

Another recycled post from the painting challenge. First up a unit of stradiots, Perry and a couple of adapted warlord ECW figures on Perry plastic horses, I was originally going to use a couple of spare Old Glory stradiots but they were just too small by comparison to use in the same unit.

I'm pretty happy with them, I've got to add a removable flag at some point. 
Next up a unit of venerable hinchcliffe gendarmes that I tried to use the triumph of maxamilian images as reference, not sure they were entirely successful but they are painted now! 

At the same time I finished a unit of Old Glory gendarmes which I was pretty happy with. 

The last photo is the two units together, the basing has come on and I'm pretty happy with it now. 
All the best Iain 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Great Italian Wars 2 Tents and makeshift shelters

I hope to be a bit more regular posting now that the painting challenge is over, I've got a few posts that went on there that I will now start showing on this blog.
This little batch of scenery was for a bonus round in the challenge called "home".
I have been looking at prints of  camps from this period.
I liked the branch and sod shelter, so I thought I'd have a go at that.

I also wanted to have a go at the straw shelters.
The straw shelters and the branch and sod shelters are made from laminate flooring underlay which comes in fibrous sheets that I cut with a stanley knife and glued it together with woodworking PVA and down on to a hardboard base and then had a go at it with a wire brush . I painted these and the Rendra tents with emulsion paints.I extended the Rendra bell tent to give me a pavilion and I need to put a chest and bed inside it at some point.

I added some material to the tent.

A couple of crossbowmen for scale , I could have added a bit more texture to the straw shelters in retrospect, I like the underlay material, I use it for thatching as well.
All the best