Monday, 16 September 2019

To the strongest! 2 London Grand Tournament

First up, I needed two light infantry handgun units to finish off my Venetian Condatta army, two six man units,old glory, nice and easy to paint, lots of character.

They complete my Venetian army.
Here it is:

One command of a deep pike unit with attached general, a raw militia spear unit and three light handgun units (including the two new ones).
Second command of two units of later knights, a unit of mounted crossbow men a unit of Stratdios ( veteran javelin armed) and attached general.
Third command of two units of later knights,a unit of mounted crossbow men  a unit of Stratdios ( veteran javelin armed) and an attached senior general.
First game was up against  Simon (the author of the rules) with his Milanese Condatta army, so historical opponents, unsurprisingly I lost, but I had great fun and learnt to garrison my camp in future!
Next game was against a Nikephorian Byzantine army led by another Simon, which literally ran rings around me and I also found my later knights bouncing off his Varagnian guard,a good time had by all, another loss.
Third game I was up against King Arthur's knights led by Ian,in the guise of, feudal French,lots  of knights,this time I clung onto a draw, mainly down to the resilience of my later knights , should have lost!
Fourth and final game was against Gareth's WOTR Yorkist army, I didn't think I'd used my infantry and especially my deep pike block enough in the previous games and with a little more understanding of the game and a lot of luck I actually managed to win a game!
All the armies were nicely painted and a really nice crowd with lots of helpful advice from people who know the rules inside and out.
A very good way to spend the day in a lovely building, plus I got to see a mate who was playing in the guildball tournament.
Next up? Probably terrain,it seems to be taking a long time!
Best Iain

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

To the strongest! Fast play,very slowly!

I blame Madaxemans rather splendid after action reports with wonderful graphics and humorous asides in tournaments far and wide.

As a result I have signed up to take part in a To the strongest! Tournament,down the Lee Valley at the Indoor Athletics Center Meridian Way on the 15th of September.

The trouble is I haven't actually played it except with the Rennaisance add on rules.

I also had to have a look at what I have got figure wise that could pass for something medieval,ish, as it's a medieval tournament, my army was going to be late, very late medieval!
I need to get the army list in very soon,so I  put together two possible armies from the late medieval list.
First up is a Swiss army,three pike blocks and a couple of light crossbow.
The other army I think I can do is a Venetian Condatta force with lots of Pete's flags!
My niece's husband Dan came over,he took the Venetians and I took the Swiss.
The Swiss can move as rapidly as mounted infantry and I advanced all three blocks as fast as I could, Dan advanced his troops and essential engulfed me with his much more numerous troops, his Romagla and militia communal pikes managed to hold their own quite happily against my much more expensive Swiss ( when you think they cost six times as much!) With the result that Dan's cavalry were able to attack the Swiss flanks and wear them down.

Great fun game but I think I would have to be much more skillful to use the Swiss, so I will take the Venetians, I can't see I will win anything but at least I'll get some games in a day out!

As the title says it's a fast play game that we took a while to play with lots of looking up the rules!
Well at least it all looked nice and it's always good to get the toys on the table. I've got to get my army list off by the end of the day and with a bit of luck I'll get another game in before the tournament. 
Next up will be a big pile of terrain,I appear to have got carried away a bit but I'm sure I'll be able to use it, once I've doubled the size of my table maybe!
Best Iain

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Great Italian wars 37 landsknecht pikemen

Here we have the balance of plastic warlord/ pro Gloria plastic landsknechts mixed with Perry plastic mercenaries and a leavening of metal foundry and Artizan landsknechts plus the remainder of my one Kickstarter experience,some Steel fist dismounted men at arms, and there is also a foundry conquistador drummer in with everybody else.
The first batch of these figures I painted up as some Romagla pike during the painting challenge, this batch have been painted for more universal use.
The large pike block has been given some French flags, they're from a variety of sources and certainly aren't up to Pete's flags quality but they're good enough!
The smaller pike block has some Imperial flags.

That's 52 more figures that if I was being brutally honest I don't really need,but to be honest I really enjoyed pottering along with these while I was mostly building and painting terrain,by their varied nature they take a while to complete but great fun!
Next up, probably more terrain, plenty of figures undercoated but nothing nearly finished.
All the best Iain

Monday, 8 July 2019

A short post about basing and some storage

FMB asked me about my basing so here is a little step by step,I enjoy reading about other people's working methods so even though it's not rocket science I thought I'd post how I do it.

I base my Pikemen on 45mm x 45mm 3mm MDF that I have cut up from some left over backs of kitchen cupboards I have acquired over the years,I cut them on a crosscut saw so they are pretty square.,I give them a coat of dilute PVA and then cover them in sharp sand, the bits of white are cat litter which I think are a nice size for stones in this scale. After the sand I give it a coat of emulsion paint, pretty pale( it's also the colour I use for dry brushing stone buildings) and then a wash of dilute burnt umber ink. Once that's dry I dab on some straight PVA and coat with some blended turf. Works for me,I haven't gone for tufts yet,I think I'm too tight!
In other news I got hold of some Billy bookcase doors, so after a bit of reorganization I cleared some bookshelves but realized I needed A : more shelves and B: more holes for the shelves to have their supports inserted into. A redundant wardrobe supplied the material for the shelves which I skillsawed down to the required size and then drilled out some more holes.

You can see my Italian wars collection on the shelves, I've added my British civil war,War of the Roses and tucked the recently completed church down the bottom. What next? Some Pikemen once they're flagged!
All the best Iain