Monday, 20 March 2017

Great Italian Wars 2 Tents and makeshift shelters

I hope to be a bit more regular posting now that the painting challenge is over, I've got a few posts that went on there that I will now start showing on this blog.
This little batch of scenery was for a bonus round in the challenge called "home".
I have been looking at prints of  camps from this period.
I liked the branch and sod shelter, so I thought I'd have a go at that.

I also wanted to have a go at the straw shelters.
The straw shelters and the branch and sod shelters are made from laminate flooring underlay which comes in fibrous sheets that I cut with a stanley knife and glued it together with woodworking PVA and down on to a hardboard base and then had a go at it with a wire brush . I painted these and the Rendra tents with emulsion paints.I extended the Rendra bell tent to give me a pavilion and I need to put a chest and bed inside it at some point.

I added some material to the tent.

A couple of crossbowmen for scale , I could have added a bit more texture to the straw shelters in retrospect, I like the underlay material, I use it for thatching as well.
All the best

Tuesday, 31 January 2017


First post, and already I am recycling, I feel a bit like BBC2, but here are some artizan 28mm landsknechts that I painted for the Analogue painting challenge.

They are very nice figures if rather larger than I am used to, I like to base my figures on 45mm x45mm bases and I can get 6 Old Glory Foundry or Perry but I can only fit 4 of these Artizan chaps,there are 20 Artizan and 4  large unknown types obtained from ebay with no history.
Old Glory on the left and Artizan on the right, I was not happy with the basing, I have since come up with a finish that looks somewhat better and I will be applying it to the Old Glory pike (who will then get their own post) and also reto fitting the Artizan unit.
 My main aim with this blog is to document the figures I have and also to use it  as an incentive to finish units and forces. I have already benefited from joining the challenge,not just focusing on painting figures, but basing them. I realised I had not based any figures for over 3 years! I've been  painting figures and wrapping them up and storing them away , it's almost like Christmas as I get to unwrap figures I barely remember painting.
 So there will be figures based and completed and I will stick them on this blog and if nothing else is achieved I'll be happy with that.
All the best Iain