Saturday, 23 January 2021

War of three Kingdoms 8 cuirassiers

 Here we have 8 cuirassiers to give me a  unit in Pike and Shot/ To the strongest for the War of three Kingdoms, which is a less Anglo centric name for the English civil war and it  also dates from the 17th century. 

Like the Pike and Shot rules these figures are from Warlord games, most of them are from the cuirassiers box set ,which are metal figures and plastic horses,  as you get 12 figures and my units are 8, I've added a plastic figure, cut off his left arm and repurposed one of the spare metal right arms and given him a spare right arm to finish him off and make up the numbers.  

I've gone for a  mix of metal and blackened armour and a variety of buff,I'm kind of looking forward to doing a unit in a uniform soon , that might be easier!

The flag is from the box set and is meant to be Essex's unit of cuirassiers at Edgehill,there's a lot of chat about cuirassiers in this war and there only being one unit Heselrig but I'm not convinced you can absolutely prove it so I'm going to do another unit for the Royalists!

I've given them more of a  primary red sash,mid way between orange and scarlet so I  can use them for either side, or change the flag and use them in the thirty years war! Still nothing Napoleonic but it's only January and I'm wading through 24 more gendarmes, focus, they're a great band aren't they?

All the best Iain 

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Great Italian wars 46 Fast and dirty gendarmes!

 We have here 24 x gendarmes for the great Italian wars, three units of eight, it's just that two were painted earlier, in fact they've been cluttering up the paint desk for something like eight years! They're metal Perry war of the Roses command figures. The rest are all Perry plastic with the addition of spare Steel fist heads from their gendarmes set.

I've painted up two units as Spanish gendarmes which were less heavily armed than their Italian and French counterparts, the Perry set is for the War of the Roses and goes up to the end of the 15th century, the Great Italian wars starts at the end of the 15th century, they might be a bit old fashioned but in the  words of Rod Stewart, I don't mind, they wear it well!

The other unit I will be using as French and I have given them a French flag I did in a previous challenge, those gendarmes are currently flying Papal/Venetian flags in two of my To the strongest  armies, I wanted to be able to field four armies on my two tables but I have a dearth of gendarmes, hence these 24 gentlemen,  I have a further 24 moving on to the painting table, gosh this laser focus on Napoleonics is going well don't you think? 

I've changed techniques on these chaps,previously I would prime black, dry brush white and then paint with washes, giving me a kind of highlighting.  In an effort to increase speed and productivity I have continued to prime in black and then wet brushed the colours on using the black as shadow,  I think it's worked alright, I'm calling them good enough!

The Spanish flags are by Pete's flags, they're ace!

So a unit of Steel fist gendarmes and two units of plastic pound shop gendarmes  have now hit the painting desk, more French gendarmes (they need a lot!) to come!

The barded horses are warlords plastic English civil war horses with their heads replaced by Perry's ,first post of 2021, that's 220 points,charge!

All the best Iain 

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Italian wars 45 landsknecht command

 Well here it is merry Christmas, everybody's having fun,look to the future, it's only just begun!" As the strains of Slade circa 1973 fade into the background, I present a mounted Landsknecht commander, which I offer up as a prize for Peter Douglas and his renaissance armies ,as he plays Pike and shot I know you need a lot of command figures! Taking part in the Analogue hobbies painting challenge means you have to paint a figure and now you can choose who you paint for and having lost a renaissance painting duel alongside him I figured he could do with another!

He's a venerable Essex figure and indeed was the first figure I picked up when I restarted my Italian wars after a 30 year interlude, he has lain in his box while others have been purchased and painted but finally he has been painted and stands ready to make his way to Canada in due course. 

My main focus for this challenge was going to be Napoleonic, I have 100s of figures primed and ready to go,  so with laser precision I have lasted a day and started 48 gendarmes for the Italian wars! I'm not convinced I'll finish them , let alone the Napoleonics!

He's a  bit of a lump but paints up nicely,  the final shot is of him in his temporary home and also shows his size in comparison to the Foundry command and pike behind,  right back to the gendarmes and no doubt Noel is trembling in fear at the 10 points towards our cavalry duel, or maybe not !

Merry Christmas!

Best Iain 

Monday, 14 December 2020

Influential books 1

 Inspired by Nunkadent over at Horse and Musket wargaming, I thought I might share an influential book and it's background, so no painted figures I'm afraid as I'm just prepping and priming before the Analogue hobbies painting challenge starts on the 20th of this month. 

I ended up with this book, Military Uniforms, the splendor of the past,when I was about 3,it's a hardback colour coffee table book of original prints and paintings of uniforms, thinking about it I suppose in all probability it wasn't given to me,even in the 1970s you wouldn't have given this to a 3 year old ! But as far as I was concerned at the time it was mine and I'd never really thought about it until now, no one ever disagreed about it!

The book really came into it's own because I had a  really nasty skin disease on my hands, if I  put a plaster on my hand it would come off with a layer of skin, eventually I lost all the skin off my hands and one of my earliest  memories is of my mum pulling  my fingernails one by one " it's not going to hurt,okay mum aĆ ah! It's not going to hurt,....." it was for my own good as they were only just hanging on but boy did it hurt! So I couldn't play with any toys(because it would hurt!) but I had a melamine covered board and plasticine which was nice and cooling  and I started making figures based on the images in the book  I was particularly taken by the first page , Lejunes' battle of Borodino,especially the grenadier kicking the live shell into the water and wanted to know who everyone was! It covered uniforms from the French revolution to the start of the first world war. The page of French cavalry and officers also made a big impression on my tiny mind!

Eventually my hands recovered after getting a prescription from a  doctor in the town in Ireland that my mum came from but I was, as my dad pointed out ,cack handed and clumsy. I was taught piano as a way of improving my motor skills, after passing a grade I managed to give that up ! I was also encouraged to make models, my first airfix spitfires and me 109s both ended up in the bin but I persevered (it was more fun than learning piano!) and managed to build an airfix stug 3. I  didn't learn to read until I was 9 but once I did I became a voracious reader and in many ways my wargaming hobby exists to justify my book collection. Purnells history of world war two helped me to read as I flicked through its pages wondering what it all meant. 

Too many books as my wife has pointed out, at one point I had every book Osprey had in print, but I'm better now. It's always interesting to see other people's book collections so I thought I'd post mine,you have to excuse the additional kit that's been moved out of the house for Christmas. 
I hope to have some painted figures on the blog soon,  in the meantime here's some being primed!

All the best Iain